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You call it a dream, we call it "the thing which keeps you awake at night".


On one occasion Neil Armstrong used those famous words: “One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.” He left a footprint at that place which is now the most memorable footprint in human history. Our next milestone is the moment where we will leave our footprint at the airports that will have a mark at the passengers who are suffering while waiting on the next flight.

After launching our prototype, testing it internally and publicly our next step was to get at the airports as soon as possible.

There are a lot of brands that are trying to get at the top 20 airports in the world. Few brand names have ever achieved the standard required by the airports, there are some which are not destined to succeed, and some of them are trying to get there for decades. Our company also pinned up those destinations, and guess what — for AIRPOD, Christmas is coming early this year!

Image At the beginning of this year, we planned the dates and numbers of AirPod capsules for 2019. We made these plans before the AirPod capsule was confirmed as one of the most innovative product at the Airport Show in Dubai on April 2019, where we realized we can become one of the players of this big game. All the dates and numbers seemed overly optimistic at that time, all the destinations seemed impossible to reach, but if we look back now, we did a really good job as a team. The results have come sooner than we could have ever imagined. That is why we want to share what is happening behind the scene of the AIRPOD project with you.

First announcement. We will be at the airports in pre-Christmas time!"

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