Sponsorship program

Earn from profits generated by AirPod Unit


After 1 year or after the 400th AirPod has been installed on international airports, a second phase is introduced. With it, we enable ICO contributors to exchange APOD tokens for the right to participate in profit generated by an AirPod unit. The Phase is called Sponsorship Program and will be backed by a smart contract.

A participant can become a “Sponsor” of a particular AirPod unit and earn up to 80% profits generated by this AirPod unit every single month. The entire system is based on a Blockchain Technology that enables complete transparency and overview of the business.

All that can be controlled through a Decentralized Application platform where Sponsorship participants can invest in future deals of a particular AirPod unit and even trade them with other participants.

Projected annual Token Payouts through Sponsorship Program

Projected annual token profit:

Year 1 $10,183.77
Year 2 $14,088.17
Year 3 $18,043.16
Year 4 $23,108.45
Year 5 $29,595.71
Total profit: $95,019.26
The above model shows the assumed return using an annual projected token profit payout (accumulated) based on the transition to 2nd phase (Sponsorship Program) where APOD token holders can exchange tokens for the right to participate in profits generated by an AirPod unit. The calculation is based on projected AirPod occupancy simulation: 6h x 18 USD x 365 days on a specific percentage reinvestment strategy. It includes the overhead on company operational cost, revenue-share deal with business partners, and other costs. Actual results can be higher or lower. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be regarded as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token profits will be cashed out on a monthly basis.

Example use case

Mark bought APOD tokens in crowdsale. After 1 year, he is offered to exchange a specific amount of those APOD tokens (at a market price) for up to 80% profits from existing AirPod(s).

His return on investment will pay off in max 1 year. After that time, Mark will enjoy the profits from the chosen AirPod(s) for an indefinite amount of time.

How does the sponsorship program fit the AirPod timeline?

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