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Your chance to be part of a Passive Crypto-Income Opportunity

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With our “Partnership Program” we are establishing a global network of AirPods that will enable everyone to become part of an Uber-like, but much more profitable Business model.

In this last stage of our project development, you will be able to propose any place in your domain as a new potential AirPod location.

If the location is suitable we’ll support the engagement 100% by sending AirPod directly to the proposed location. The Partnership Program will enable you to earn a passive income with peace of mind.

Example use case

Mark owns an empty space in London. He decides to invest in AirPods and enters the AirPod Partnership Program. After submitting all the needed information about his facility, he receives an approval from the AirPod team and soon after the Airpod unit is being shipped to this proposed location.

Mark will receive a percentage of the profits generated by his AirPod unit, which generates him a profitable and stable crypto-passive income on a monthly basis.

How does the partnership program fit the AirPod timeline?

Take part in one of the world’s most profitable and stable business opportunities

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