AirPod Business Model

Introducing Micro Real Estate

AirPod is introducing the first actual micro real estate business with macro returns. Renting out AirPod units in top locations worldwide is the basis/core of AirPod business. Our outstanding product, entering a fast-growing market will result in above average business profitability.

Unique Business Model

AirPod’s micro real estates, placed in the busiest public places, will be generating revenue from user’s rent payment that will be done with APOD tokens, AirPod’s own currency. We have taken the best from the classical business model, and connected it with the blockchain technology and added our own currency.

Use of blockchain enables transparent insight into the financial performance of each and every AirPod unit. This is why we can reward all AirPod business supporters with lifetime benefits through the Sponsorship program.

How to join the Sponsorship Program?

  • Take part in AirPod Crowdfunding and receive APOD tokens. This guarantees you spot and gives you 100% bonus for the Sponsorship program.

  • Sponsorship program will start after the 400th AirPod unit is placed. You will be able to pick your AirPod unit on the DApp.

  • By exchanging APOD tokens for Sponsorship rights you become a Sponsor and are entitled to the rewards from chosen AirPod's business results.

  • As a Sponsor, you are able to collect Monthly rewards in APOD tokens with a possibility to exchange them into another fiat (national) currencies or cryptocurrencies of your choice.

How high will the rewards be?

• Around 100% per year

Why is such ROI possible?

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Rent out on TOP locations worldwide

What benefits does the ownership of APOD tokens bring?

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