“Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day.”

– Fred Ehrsam

Your chance to be part of a Passive Crypto-Income Opportunity

With a “Partnership Program” we are establishing a global network of AirPods that will enable everyone to become part of Uber-like, but much more profitable Business model.

In this last stage of our project development, you will be able to propose any place in your domain as a new potential AirPod location.

If the location is suitable we’ll support the engagement 100% by sending AirPod directly to proposed location. Partnership Program will enable you to earn passive income with a peace of mind.

Use case: Mark owns an empty space in London. He decides to invest in AirPods and enters AirPod Partnership Program. After submitting all the needed information about his facilities, he receives an approval from the AirPod team and soon after the Airpod unit is being shipped to this proposed location. Mark will receive a percentage of the profits generated by his AirPod unit, which generates him a profitable and stable crypto-passive income on a monthly basis.

Earn from profits generated by Airpod Unit

After 1 year or 400th AirPod being installed on international airports, a second phase is introduced. With it, we enable ICO contributors to exchange APOD tokens for the right to participate in profit generated by an AirPod unit. The Phase is called Sponsorship Program backed by smart contract.

A participant can become a “Sponsor” of a particular AirPod unit and earn up to 80% profits generated by AirPod unit every single month. The entire system is based on a Blockchain Technology that enables complete transparency and overview of the business.

All that can be controlled through a Decentralized Application platform where Sponsorship participants can invest in future deals of a particular AirPod unit and even trade them with other participants.

Use case: Mark bought APOD tokens in crowdsale. After 1 year, he is offered to exchange a specific amount of those APOD tokens (at a market price) for up to 80% profits from existing AirPod(s). His return on investment will pay off in max 1 year. After that time, Mark will enjoy the profits from chosen AirPod(s) for an indefinite amount of time.

Basic AirPod Crypto-Economy

AirPod economy is based on its own crypto-currency called the APOD token. Its primary function is to be used as a payment for rent AirPod services.

A discount will apply for customers using APOD tokens as a payment for Airpod rent compared to usage of FIAT currencies.

Why will APOD Token gain in value?

The main driver of potential APOD token value increase lays in our technical execution after receiving FIAT payment for AirPod service:

We are splitting the received FIAT (payment for rent) by using 50% of the value for our company costs and the remaining 50% for buying Tokens at the lowest market price and placing them back as sell orders on Exchange in the equivalent value of $2.

While the number of distributed AirPods and users grow the frequency of Tokens we buy from the Exchange grows, as a result, the value of APOD token will automatically increase over time. This simply means that more AirPods are installed and more users are generated, the frequency of Token buyback from the exchange and placing them back at a higher price, will increase the price of APOD Token.