Business model

Introducing Micro Real Estate

AirPod is introducing the first actual micro real estate business with macro returns. Renting out AirPod units in top locations worldwide is the core of AirPod business. Our outstanding product, entering a fast-growing market will result in above average business profitability.

Unique Business Model

AirPod’s micro real estates, placed in the busiest public places, will be generating revenue from user’s rent payment that will be done with APOD tokens, AirPod’s own currency. We have taken the best from the classical business model, and connected it with the blockchain technology and added our own currency.

Use of blockchain enables transparent insight into the financial performance of every AirPod unit. This is why we can reward all AirPod business supporters with lifetime benefits through the Sponsorship program.

How to join the Sponsorship Program?

  • Take part in AirPod Crowdfunding and receive APOD tokens. This guarantees you spot and gives you 100% bonus for the Sponsorship program.

  • Sponsorship program will start after the 400th AirPod unit is placed. You will be able to pick your AirPod unit on the DApp.

  • By exchanging APOD tokens for Sponsorship rights, you become a Sponsor and are entitled to the rewards from chosen AirPod's business results.

  • As a Sponsor, you can collect Monthly rewards in APOD tokens with a possibility to exchange them into another fiat (national) currencies or cryptocurrencies of your choice.

How high will the rewards be?

• Around 100% per year

Why is such ROI possible?


Sponsorship Program

The Sponsorship Program will be your opportunity to collect lifetime passive income, generated by each AirPod unit. It will start after the placement of the 400th AirPod unit. To participate, the sponsor can exchange his/hers APOD tokens for sponsorship rights after the Sponsorship Program starts. Each unit will offer 80% of the sponsorship rights at the start of the program. Those rights can be bought on a DApp, soon to be implemented on Airpod's website.

Sponsorship Rights

Once AirPod contributor becomes a sponsor of a specific AirPod Unit, he starts receiving monthly passive-income as long as he remains the sponsorship rights owner. The monthly reward is paid out in APOD tokens. If a sponsor wants a »quick exit«, he can sell his rights to another user on an AirPod's internal DApp platform – risk-free, with no paperwork, intermediary or additional contracts, through the Smart Contract.

We take care of Business for you

You will be collecting monthly rewards without having any maintenance costs on the micro real estate like cleaning, caring about potential customers or any other additional efforts. In the case of unit breakdown, all expenses are already counted in. That enables our supporters to take part in long-term benefits.

Picking the Location

When the Sponsorship program starts, all AirPod supporters can become Sponsors of chosen AirPod unit. Picking out the location will be enabled through the DApp (decentralised application platform).

Exchanging APOD Tokens for Sponsorship rights

In order to participate, the sponsor can exchange his APOD tokens for sponsorship rights and sign the Smart Contract


What is Smart Contract and what it does for you?

A Smart Contract is a self-executing digital contract operating on a blockchain network. When a predetermined triggering event happens, it executes automatically.

  • Signing a contract without a middleman
  • Complete transparency over the business, contracts and all sponsorship agreements
  • Avoiding the legal costs

Passive Income

Once AirPod contributor becomes a Sponsor of a specific AirPod Unit, he/she receives monthly passive-income in APOD token, generated by that unit for an indefinite amount of time.

Lifetime returns

Becoming a Sponsor means you bought your sponsorship rights for a lifetime or until you decide to sell them. Any maintenance costs on your unit or a unit breakdown are already counted in costs.

No Attachments

If a sponsor wants a »quick exit«, he can sell his rights to another user on an AirPod's internal DApp platform – risk-free, with no paperwork, intermediary or additional contracts.

How does DApp make management easy for you?

DApp is AirPod's platform, based on blockchain technology, which enables a complete and live overview of the business.

  • A complete overview of your business
  • Business is easy to join
  • The ability to pick any location and check results of every pod in every location
  • High liquidity of funds and assets
  • Fast and straightforward buying and selling sponsorship rights, with no additional costs
  • No hidden costs
  • All the work is done from home office
  • the_future

The AirPod Economy

AirPod has its own internal economy has based on APOD token - its own currency. This enables our economy to be completely autonomous and prone to outside market conditions and crises.

Also, the APOD token can also be used as a payment currency for AirPod rent on all locations, regardless of the currency used in a country where it is positioned.

The cross-border payments are also very efficient, fast and a lot cheaper. That itself is a considerable market advantage when counting millions of transactions on a monthly basis.

Benefits of having own currency:

• Autonomous economy, prone to the outside market conditions and crises

• Payment of AirPod rent can be made with APOD tokens on all locations, regardless of the currency used in a country where it is positioned

• Easier, faster and cheaper cross-border payments/transactions

• It enables crowdfunding from every participant around the globe and indirectly giving them long-term passive incomes from their support in crowdfunding.


APOD token is used for:

AirPod’s Success

An outstanding product, placed in top locations, entering fast-growing industries and a unique business model will enable the success of the AirPod business and consequently reward our supporters.

Global expansion

AirPod’s future will bring the introduction of a Partnership Program that will enable business-minded people to join an Uber-like but much more profitable Business model with exponential growth. It will enable an AirPod unit set up in public places outside airports - such as Hospitals, Corporate offices, Academics, Shopping malls, Railway stations, etc. Beside our own distribution, this will enable the rapid expansion of AirPod units worldwide, across multiple industries.

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