TigerDirect Review: Buying Experience, Selection, Sales, and More

Starting up a business and need to get all the tech stuff set up?

Or do you already have an established business, but the equipment is outdated and you’re in need of an appliance reboot?

Looking for computers and computer parts can be a drag — you want to not only make sure that you get the best deal, but also that what you’re actually buying is a quality product.

This is especially true if your electronics are essential to your professional and business operations. The success of your company might just depend upon you having access to quality technology that will enable you to perform to your utmost.

To get the best products for the best prices, you have to look for the best, trustworthy places. One such place is TigerDirect Business, an electronics online retailer that offers computers, computer parts, and other equipment.

We’re here to provide you with an honest review of TigerDirect’s products and operations, so that way you’ll know if it’s worth investing your time in this company as you go out on your computer hunt.

What is TigerDirect Business?

TigerDirect website

TigerDirect is an online retailor based in El Segundo, California. They specialize in computers, computer parts, software, and other electronic devices and their services are catered particularly towards a corporate market and other business professionals. If you’re in need of a technical overhaul with your business, they provide IT consulting and computer servicing.

TigerDirect Specifications

Available Products

It’s impossible to detail the hundreds of products TigerDirect offers in this short post, but we’ve provided here a decent overview of what you can expect to find on their website.


TigerDirect computers

In terms of computers, TigerDirect offers both desktops and laptops from a multitude of brands including Apple, Dell, Intel, and HP. Within each brand, there are also several designs available. Some popular subcategories to browse around include 2-in-1 laptops that function halfway between a laptop and a table, MacBooks, laptop notebooks, and other variations of computers and tablets.


TigerDirect phones

Need a new phone to go with the new computer? TigerDirect has you covered there, too, offering the latest mobile and professional business phones along with headsets and two-way radios.


TigerDirect accessories

Beyond the basics of computers are all the accessories to go with them. These include additional monitors, printers, scanners, speakers, webcams, projectors, the works.

Computer Parts

TigerDirect computer parts

In terms of computer parts, TigerDirect has a wide selection of all the parts you can dream of, from RAM and memory cards, graphics cards, motherboards — all you need if you have a part that requires replacing or if you’re interested in building a custom computer of your own.


TigerDirect power

One of the quickest parts that tend to wear out over the life of a laptop is the battery. TigerDirect is there to fill that need, offering a variety of replacement batteries. In addition to this, they also offer other power essentials including power cables, chargers, surge protectors, and more.

Networks and Software

TigerDirect networks

Once you have your products and you’re all ready to start setting them up, you can browse their different network and software options for which they offer installation and setup help.

Office Supplies

TigerDirect office supplies

For those business professionals out there, you can go beyond your typical electronics and also look into other machines you might need in the office. For instance, beyond printers and scanners, TigerDirect sells calculators, business phones, and even shredders.

Software Offers

TigerDirect software

Good software is just as important as the computer itself, so let’s take a moment to talk about their software offerings a little more in depth.

TigerDirect, of course, offers all the traditional software options, such as the latest editions of Windows and Office 365, in addition to antivirus protection. Beyond these basics, however, TigerDirect has thousands of different software to choose from with specific needs in mind. Specializations among software include gaming, educational, business, tax preparation, and audio and video.

To find the best software for you, TigerDirect’s website breaks them down into a menu of categories and subcategories, so that you can easily find what you need.

Business Solutions

TigerDirect office business solutions

TigerDirect Business offers a variety of business solutions that focus on IT consulting and computer servicing. If you work with TigerDirect business, you will have a team of technical sales specialists working to provide you with the latest and greatest technology that will perfectly suit your business needs. To ensure intimate and exact knowledge of your business, you will also be provided with an account manager who will remain with you throughout the duration of the project.

If you become a VIP Business member, you gain access to great savings on new technology and special deals, and you can even start building credit.

To sketch out a preliminary plan for your business and get an idea of the cost, you can request a free eQuote from the TigerDirect website.

Business Credit

TigerDirect business credit

If eligible, TigerDirect will allow you to signup for business credit with them. This is great if you don’t want to max out your personal or business credit cards but still need access to the great technology that will help your business grow.

With the establishment of business credit, you will receive benefits such as a discount off your first order, a free net 30 on every purchase and six months of tailored finance options.

TigerDirect’s business credit is open to businesses both large and small.


It is, of course, important for any online retailer to have an easy to navigate and stylized website, and even more so for a tech company so that they can show off that they know their stuff. We’re pleased to report that the TigerDirect Business website succeeds in thesecapacities.

With so many products and services to offer, it would be easy for the website to soon devolve into a confusing mess. Instead, the TigerDirect website is clear and well-organized, making it easy to find exactly what you need even if you aren’t a tech expert. There is a series of headings atop the website that divide into a series of categories and sometimes even subcategories from there. The result is easy and natural organization.

What Customers Have to Say

TigerDirect Business has a large clientele composed of loyal customers, some having used the service for almost 20 years. TigerDirect is especially praised for its incredible selection of products, totaling over 400,000 including services. Though their prices and shipping rates can’t compare with Amazon, they still provide products that are generally fairly priced and ship via UPS as quickly as possible.

There have been a few complaints in recent years of incorrect orders arriving, or missing parts, and there being some difficulty in dealing with the staff to get these problems fixed. Some have also complained of false sales advertised that then disappear when you go tocheck out.

What About the Employees?

Beyond the customers, though, it is also important to take a look at the people who work for TigerDirect. One thing seems to be certain: the employees are not happy. They complain of extreme micromanagement, disorganization, and encouraged dishonesty toward customers, all of which result in a high employee turnover rate.


This is a little hard to generalize, simply because of the vast quantities of products and services that TigerDirect supplies. In an overall sense, though, the prices of TigerDirect’s products are pretty standard, they just might not have the same great deals that Amazon is known for. Still, if you’re looking for every product under the sun, TigerDirect is a great place to check out.

How TigerDirect Business Compares

So, now that we’ve taken a look at TigerDirect in an isolated bubble, how does it compare to other electronics online retailers? Below, we’ve compared TigerDirect to both Newegg and Best Buy to see how it stacks up against the competition.

But first, here are a few ratings we’ve given TigerDirect to keep in mind as we begin our comparison.

Just like TigerDirect, Newegg is an online retailer that specializes in electronics and offers thousands of products. Newegg’s realm of influence extends beyond electronics, however, to other markets, such as apparel, home products, and books. In terms of pricing, Newegg seems to consistently offer the better deals, though TigerDirect has greater product specification.

TigerDirect is an online retailer geared toward businesses first, the general public second, while Newegg puts the general public first with its wide range of products. Because of this business slant, TigerDirect offers a variety of business plans and tech services that Newegg does not.

newegg logo

While TigerDirect has had its fair share of complaints regarding shipping and customer service, these are nothing compared to the scathing reviews left about Newegg. Customers frequently complain of packages shipped in poor condition, and then not receiving the customer service they need to fix their problems.

In the comparison between TigerDirect and Best Buy, there is one obvious difference: Best Buy is a physical store. But this does not mean that Best Buy isn’t an online retailer to be reckoned with.

Best Buy offers a pretty good selection of electronics products. Like Newegg, it extends beyond computers to TVs, gaming consoles, and the like, but it stays firmly within that technological realm like TigerDirect. In terms of pricing, you’re likely to find a few better deals. As far as customer service goes, Best Buy offers the services of the well-known Geek Squad for installation and technical problems.

best buy logo

Like TigerDirect, Best Buy does offer a program for businesses: by signing up for a business account, you become eligible for special deals and savings as well as access to business-grade products. They also offer special account services for business members where you will work with an Account Professional to create a specially tailored solution plan within your budget.

The business services that Best Buy offers are great, but they just don’t quite match those provided by TigerDirect, whose specialization in working with businesses really puts it over the edge. Also, while Best Buy has a great selection of products, they just can’t compete with the sheer variety that TigerDirect has to offer.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve seen how TigerDirect Business compares to the competition, let’s take a quick overview of its greatest pros and cons before we reveal our overall opinion of this company.


  • Massive variety of electronic products
  • Business Solutions program provides plenty of services and great deals


  • Several reports of incomplete orders and poor customer service
  • You can probably find a better deal elsewhere
  • Negative things employees have to say


The biggest pro of TigerDirect by far is its massive variety of electronic products that neither Best Buy nor Newegg can match.

Aside from that, TigerDirect fulfills its service to its business clients. Its Business Solutions program provides plenty of services and great deals to its members, and the credit you can establish through the store is a big plus as well.


Onto the cons. There have been several reports of incomplete orders and poor customer service — though the negative reviews left for TigerDirect do not begin to compare with those left for Newegg.

Another con is that, with at least some of the more mainstream products, you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.

Lastly, we really don’t like all the negative things employees have to say about the company — their unhappiness is likely also a contributor to some of the poor service.

Our Conclusions About TigerDirect

While there are plenty of things to dislike about TigerDirect Business, there are just as many to love.

Anything electronic you need, they’re sure to have it. Though you may be able to find a better price at big stores like Best Buy or on Amazon for some products, you might also find it worth it to support a smaller business over these larger entities.

Lastly, if you’re a business owner looking to get the technology behind your business up and running, TigerDirect Business is a great option for you.

TigerDirect Review: Buying Experience, Selection, Sales, and More

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