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The value of the token


Right now we know that AirPod has two organic demand — the one from the buyer (AirPod’s user) and the one from the investor (participant in Sponsorship Program or what will be STO later).


DEMAND 1: Paying rent with APOD TOKEN

Payment for Airpod rent can be made only with APOD token. Therefore users will be buying APOD tokens to pay for the rent (as mentioned, user can pay in FIAT where “terminal” will purchase and make payment for user). APOD tokens will be divided into two streams — operating costs and profit. Operating costs will be sold to exchange monthly (to pay for the cleaning, maintenance …) The other stream — the profit will be divided — 20% will go to the Company Reserve wallet and 80% to investors. Company Reserve Wallet will be publicly announced, and APOD tokens from this wallet will be sold only in the case funds are required for expansion to markets outside airports, R&D for a new product, etc..

So more users rent Airpod, more demand for APOD token, which consequently means more significant Ecosystem growth.

DEMAND 2: JOINING Sponsorship PROGRAM only with APOD token.

Investors who will want to get a share of passive income will have to exchange APOD tokens for SPONSORSHIP Token, which is an ASSET backed token in upcoming STO. Owning a Sponsorship token gives you the right to 80% profit made by AirPod unit.

Swapping APOD token for Sponsorship token trough STO technically looking means that APOD tokens will be sent to the Sponsorship wallet which is publicly announced. APOD tokens from Sponsorship wallet will be used only if additional funds are required to build new AirPod units. Selling APOD tokens from Sponsorship wallet can begin AFTER 1000 Airpod units are already made and placed on airports.

For every AirPod Unit, we will generate the same amount of Sponsorship tokens (asset-backed tokens), which will be issued in our upcoming STO. In the beginning, 80% of this tokens will be put for sale, for investors who would like to gain monthly passive income from the rent of AirPod units. Sponsorship tokens will be issued until 1000 Airpod units are being produced and placed over the airports.

Example Let’s see the numbers for better understanding. At a price 0,1$ per APOD token; we have placed 1000 AirPods (and issued 10000 asset-backed tokens for each Unit), there is 6h/day occupancy, and users are paying 180 APOD tokens per hour.

That means that in 30 days our revenue is 32,4 million APOD tokens. 16,2 million APOD tokens are immediately sent back to exchange (operating costs), 3,2 million APOD tokens lands in the Company Reserve wallet (20% of the profit), 12,9 million APOD tokens go to investors’ wallets (they can hold the tokens or sell it back to the exchange). These numbers tell us that every year, 38,8 million APOD tokens will land in company reserve and active(not actual) circulating supply of tokens will decrease by that number.

Also, there will be APOD tokens that will be exchanged for asset-backed tokens and retreated at the STO wallet (approx. 160 million for 1000 AirPod units).

We have organic demand and an active circulating supply of APOD tokens that will change every year — do you know what that means?

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