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The first public testing results of the AirPod


We are proud to bring AIRPOD experience to people who support our project and our vision presenting the best solution for spending private time in most crowded public places in the world. In the first week, more than one hundred people took part in an exclusive opportunity to attend the first public testing event. Participants were able to try out the AIRPOD Smart Napping Pod, combining luxury materials with sophisticated, innovative and Smart technology for the perfect user experience while being at the airport or other public places.

We were looking for enthusiasts who are excited about smart, innovative products, such as engineers, doctors, physiotherapists, pilots, aircraft engineers, business travelers, students, and other product supporters. We are delighted to receive such a good response. By completing the surveys of the testing, AirPod got first internal results about its user experience in real life. For more than 80% of participants, the idea of the AirPod is indeed much needed in most crowded public places. 37% of respondents are traveling more than 5 times a year, and for 100% of them, the lack of privacy is the biggest issue at the airports. 7 aircraft engineers gave us constructive feedback about the functionality of the AirPod zero gravity seat, which gave us a green light to fully upgrade all of the proposed details, almost on the spot.

Business travelers are the one who has shown the most interest in public testing. The most common answer about the question: “How do you feel after testing AirPod capsule?” was: I haven’t even imagined I can feel so energized and prepared for new challenges and future business trips in such a short period.

We are very proud that after the first days of testing, even more, people signed up for experiencing AirPod capsule than we expected in the first phase. After successful AirPod experience, we are looking forward to making commercial tests on the biggest international airports, which is the final step before the full-scale launch of The Napping Pod. Thank you to all who attended our first public testing, for your support, remarks, answers, questions, and comments that will make our vision, bringing the ultimate solution for the most painful issue at the airports nowadays a step further user experience-wise.

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