The AirPod

An ideal solution for people who are seeking a place to relax, sleep, work, or enjoy some privacy, while still being in a public place

AirPod Sleeping Pod is a private “capsule style” unit designed to be installed in public spaces such as, airports, hotels, railway & bus stations, shopping centers, and offices.

AirPod is full of cutting-edge technologies that enable users to undertake tasks in total privacy and comfort while still remaining in the heart of a public or commercial space. AirPod will contain features to enhance the user experience such as Wi-Fi, touch screen monitor, air conditioning, sound reduction technology, smart-glass privacy, mood lighting and anti-stress ambient programming.



Comprehensive integrated cutting edge technology enhancements, such as external noise reduction. focused on the business traveller. The unique, innovative design offers convenience, comfort, privacy, security and superior facilities.



The AirPod offers privacy, security, and safety – the opportunity for you to change your perception of airport traveling, in particular, spending time in airports while waiting or taking a rest. The AirPod is a luxurious and fully functional sleeping pod, which is designed to accommodate overnight and short-term stays with all the features you would expect.



AirPod has integrated scent machine into Air condition which refines and perfumes the air with the procedure of cold micro-molecular dispersion. It eliminates 100% of unpleasant smells and increases the level of oxygen atoms in the air and negative ions. Integrated LED lights for disinfection that turns on after each user (for more information download WP). The last step before next customer can use AirPod is a physical check by our staff at the airport.



Beside its basic functionality, our AirPod can also be used as Human Recovery Unit. The Anti stress Technology in each AirPod is therapeutic and revitalising for human mental and psychical recovery, specially designed for tired people. It also includes maximum relaxation encouraging three most important senses (smell, vision, and hearing). -Green therapeutic light -Relaxing sound -Different relaxing scent -Before/after monitoring



You can do your booking via internet, IOS and Android mobile application on the spot or in advance. The AirPod offers an single control operating panel, which makes it very easy to use. There is no need for a pre-ready-made space for installing. The AirPod needs a relatively small space for installation (5,22m2). Also the product is highly mobile. It can be positioned anywhere within the airport.


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You can observe all our goals on the timeline in our roadmap.

We will always do our best to meet deadlines, yet if the highest development or operations standards require additional time, the roadmap will be adjusted correspondingly.

Feb 2016

AirPod concept drawings

Aug 2016

Introducing AirPod model design

Mar 2017

Mockup to test basic environment for the user

Feb 2018

Design adjustments after testing the Mockup

May 29, 2018

Pre-Sale begins

May 29, 2018

EVENT and PRESS conference in Belgrade, Serbia


Pre-sale ends


Crowdsale start


Crowdsale ends

Q3 2018

AIRPOD mass production infrastructure completed

Q3 2018

First 10 AIRPODs manufactured and Commercial trial on EU airports starts

Q1 2019

100 AIRPODS installed

Q2 2019

400 AIRPODs installed: Transition to 2nd Phase (introducing the DAPP Platform)

Q4 2019

1000 AIRPODS installed: Introducing the partnership program

Q1 2020 and beyond

Exponential global expansion

Frequently asked questions

What is AirPod Sleeping Pod?

AirPod is a resting unit for public spaces such as airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, shopping centers and places of business. It is a simple solution for people
seeking relaxation, sleep, isolated working space or fun. AirPod is full of cutting edge technology that enables users to use free Wi-Fi, watching movies, listening to music, reading a book or having a much needed sleep / rest.

What are the primary locations for AirPod distribution?

Despite the wide possibility of implementing AirPod into various spaces, we have decided to introduce them in the airports first. After a careful analysis, we regard that airports are the market most in need for the sleeping pod. At the same time, we have gained interest from one of the largest companies in the business to help us build distribution, as we will test the product in international airports around the world.

Also airports are the perfect place for sleeping pods.

Passengers around the world are spending each day several hours waiting for their flight at airport terminals. Most of them are experiencing a long-hours wait on a delayed connection flight, searching for a free Wi-Fi and a comfortable place to have a rest and place their luggage. Remember the last time you were sitting around watching the clock or looking round the duty-free shop for the eighth time?

What is AirPod’s core business model?

The Core business of the company is renting AirPods. We will enter the market, prove the business model and test the product on users by partnering with a distribution partner.

Our Partner has control of over 1,000 airports around the world. We are proud that our partner has recognized AirPod’s potential, which opened up an extensive distribution chain.

The forecast plan is to implement 1,000 AirPods within the next three years across numerous international airports.

Why are Sleeping Pods an important feature on airports in the near future?

Key market drivers that are pushing airport industry into adopting Sleeping Pod solutions
are: growing transfer and transit passengers (cifre), emergence of smart airports concepts and airports offering no frill services to passengers.

Where can I put my luggage in the AirPod? Is it possible to leave the luggage in the AirPod while you’re not there? What happens if you forget your luggage?

Airpod’s luggage compartment is located under the seat.

Yes, that is possible. While your renting time is running you can leave the pod and it will authomatically lock. You will be able to unlock it with a code you received when reserving the AirPod. So your luggage is safe and secured so you can do other things while at the airport terminal.

AirPod has sensor integrated. In case you forget your luggage it will automatically trigger warning message in AirPod app on your mobile phone.

What will be the price of AirPod Sleeping Pod usage?

1 hour rent rate will start from $18 (15€) / hour (depending on location) or with 10%
discount if rented by APOD tokens.

How will distribution of AirPod Sleeping Pod take place?

Distribution partner, who operates airport lounges in over 1,000 airports around the world, has recognized AirPod’s potential. This represents an extensive distribution
chain, which has thus far not been exploited by any other sleeping pods on the market. (Due to legal reasons we are unable to reveal the name of distribution partner. Official
announcement will be released in Q2 2018)

The key to project success and fundament for potential exponential growth is an ecosystem, which connects all AirPods in various locations around the world with a platform that enables franchise model distribution based on the Blockchain technology.

In stage 3 (18 months after start of business), so-called Placement On Demand will be opened, which enables the setup of the AirPod and plug in to the network for ALL potential location submitters. Those can be (1) owners or (2) leaseholders
of a specific location.

Where is the AirPod based, in Slovenia or the UK?

AirPod Technologies is a startup which has an office in the UK, but is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

What payments methods are going to be implemented for a sleeping pod rent, excluding the token? Have you foreseen the cabins maintenance cost?

Alternative payment option is credit or debit card payment. Yes, maintenance is taken into account/taken care of by our distribution partner.

Is AirPod Sleeping Pod for one person only?

Yes for now. In the future we will develop 2 person unit also. Stage after that will also include so called “family” 4 person AirPod. For 2 adults and 2 children.

Will AirPod Sleeping Pods be clean to use with such fluency of customers?

We’ll take care of cleaning and smells by implementing the following technology:

• LED lights for disinfection that turns on after each user (
detailed information).

• We have integrated scent machine into Air condition which refines and perfumes the air with the procedure of cold micro-molecular dispersion. It eliminates 100% of unpleasant smells and increases the level of oxygen atoms in the air and negative ions.

• The last step before next customer can use AirPod, is a physical check by our staff at the airport.

AirPod ICO details

How does the AirPod business function?

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