The AirPod Market

With implementing the concept of revitalisation in napping pod market, AirPod is providing world’s first multifunctional revitalisation pods and entering the industries of napping pod, revitalization, wellness, travel, and tourism, together worth more than USD 500 million.

Health and Wellness Market with High Potential

With consumer demand for wellness services and products higher than ever, a landmark study released by The Global Wellness Institute reveals that the global wellness market is now worth $3.4 trillion, making it nearly three times larger than the $1 trillion worldwide pharmaceutical industry. AirPod is disrupting Wellness market by introducing the new concept of well-being in the personal environment. We will integrate revitalisation functions in the napping pods, placed in busiest public places.

Surging Global Napping pod Market

The research: Nap Pod Market - Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 – 2025 is predicting the rapid growth of global nap pod market. As they say in their release, the global nap pod market is expected to grow rapidly.

There is an increasing awareness about the Benefits of Napping in:


  • Improvement of productivity
  • Better health
  • Growth of talent retention of the employees

Other places:

  • Airport traveller’s rest purpose
  • Increasing focus on the human welfare
  • Improvement of the health and efficacy

AirPod units, placed in the busiest public spaces, will serve the costumers as a revitalisation, napping or working stations.


Entry point: Airports

With global distribution partners already in place, our entry point is airports. We’re already on track to place 1,000 AirPod units in airports worldwide in 2019 and serve millions of clients eagerly waiting to use them. In a recent survey that was conducted on 10,000 international travelers by Skyscanner. They were asked which airport features they wanted to see the most. In total, 36% of respondents wanted to see sleeping pods at airports. With over 10.000 potential locations, our market has almost limitless potential.

Airport industry

The number of airline passengers has been growing steadily over the decades. Worldwide, there are 667 million passengers every year. Transit and transfer passengers represent 10% of that majority. Among them, 2% of travelers are facing delayed or canceled flights. AirPod target transit and transfer passengers and the ones, facing delayed or canceled flight. That means more than 80 million potential AirPod users.

Market Conquest

Sleeping pod market is one of the fastest growing industries in Travel. The global airport sleeping pods market was valued at 55 million USD in 2016 and is expected to surpass 75 million USD by 2021 based only on four major players in this field in 2017, says analysis made by Technavio. Therefore, there is a natural potential for growth in this fledgling market.

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Partnership Program

Our vision is to see AirPod units implemented in every major airport across the globe before moving out of airports to other public places. With the introduction of Partnership Program, business-minded people will be able to join an Uber-like Business model with exponential growth.


It will enable an AirPod unit set up on public places outside airports - such as Hospitals, Corporate offices, Academics, Shopping malls, Railway stations, etc. This will enable the rapid expansion of AirPod units worldwide.

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