Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Making Healthy and Fitness Habits Possible

Fitness trackers have made a big impact on modern fitness trends. The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a perfect example of how much wearable fitness tracker technology has advanced, and become a part of everyday life.

With the Samsung Gear Fit2 you can:

  • Track your steps count, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep habits.
  • Accurately map your activity with the built-in GPS capabilities.
  • Auto tracking recognizes when you move.
  • Sync with your smartphone to receive notifications.
  • You can store playlists on the GearFit2, and connect with Spotify.

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Samsung GearFit 2

The ability to track your fitness is not new. However, smartphones and fitness trackers have truly revolutionized how we evaluate our progress, pushing you towards your goals. The popularity of these devices continues to grow.

What You Need to Know About Fitness Trackers

fitness tracker on a woman

When you start looking for a fitness tracker, the first thing you’ll notice is that the market is saturated with wearable products.

More and more brands are getting in on the trend, offering a seemingly limitless number of models with countless features.  

Whether you are looking at wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit or Garmin, choosing the best wearable tracker is pretty tricky these days.

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If you have an older activity tracker, you may only be used to accounting for steps and sleep.

That has all changed.

The new products have built-in heart rate monitors, they are waterproofed for swimming, they have GPS capabilities, and sync with your smartphone for push notifications.

What to Expect from a Fitness Tracker

Before choosing a fitness tracker, you need to think about your expectations.

What do you expect to get out of wearing a tracker — all day and night?

Overall, a good fitness tracker will gather data based on you daily routine. You set a goal for yourself, and the tracker keeps you up-to-date on your progress.

From that information, you can gauge how successful your efforts are.

What Not to Expect from Your Fitness Tracker

There is a fair amount of bad information surrounding fitness tracker technology.

No doubt, it is fueled by the aggressive marketing of these products. Fitness trackers are excellent motivators. They help you stay on top of your goals and account for calorie burning. But they are not expert training tools.

Fitness trackers are great at recording bursts of activity. They are not good at analyzing that data. For example, if you like to do a lot of swimming, only expect to get a report of the movement and heart rate from those activities. You shouldn’t expect to get feedback on form or your specific performance.

Let’s focus for a moment on the common misconceptions surrounding running and cycling data.

Most fitness trackers are not able to accurately report on your pace or distance without GPS technology. So, if you are a dedicated runner or biker, you want to make sure your fitness tracker is GPS ready.

Don’t completely rely on the calorie counter.

Fitness trackers do not accurately count calories burned — the data is based on age, gender, height and weight, and then an estimate is made.

The Key to Getting in Shape with a Fitness Tracker

woman stretching

When you wear a new fitness tracker, it’s easy to get excited about the changes that are coming. Three months later, the novelty wears off because you haven’t seen the results you wanted.

Like any piece of workout equipment you buy, (a rowing machine, or a yoga mat, or new bike), if you are not taking the time to use it properly and effectively, nothing will change.

You must accept that getting in shape is hard work.

Get a fitness tracker with a built-in heart monitor. Monitoring your BPM during exercise will ensure better results.

Here are a few quick tips for success:

1. Set daily goals

Most trackers come with some preset goals. Start there. After a week, or so, see how you are doing, and make adjustments that challenge you.

2. Micro Challenges

Setting up micro challenges is a great way to keep you moving throughout the day, instead of focusing on total end-of-day results.

3. Get social

Many devices have a social component you can incorporate into your routine. This is a great way to stay motivated by allowing other people to invest in your progress. It will help bring out your competitiveness nature.

4. Keep it on

It is very easy to plug in your tracker for a much needed charging and then forget about it. Look for a tracker with a long battery life.

5. Log what you eat

Studies have shown that writing down what you eat makes a big impact on your diet. If you are looking for a wake up call, try taking an honest, detailed inventory of what you eat, every day, by portion size, weight and calories.

6. Sync devices

Look for devices and apps that will share data with your wearable fitness tracker. If you can sync all of your devices with your routines — running, cycling, swimming, and food consumption — you will get a much better account of your efforts and progress.

Samsung Gear Fit2- Pink, Medium/Large
  • Track your step count, calories burned, heart rate, sleep Quality and More
  • Map your activity accurately with the built-in GPS
  • Auto tracking recognizes and starts Tracking multiple exercises when you move
  • Receive and respond to notifications, calls and texts right on your wrist
  • Store your favorite music on the GearFit2 or connect with Spotify to access millions of songs

With the Samsung Gear Fit2 you can effortlessly keep track of your goals and stay motivated.

The Gear Fit2 utilizes a wide range of tracking sensors to accurately monitor your activity. The device gathers data on steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep schedule.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 automatically identifies the types of activities you are doing. For example, data related to activities such as cycling, running, elliptical, and more can be accounted for with the Gear Fit2.

The Gear Fit2 is water-resistant and comes with built-in GPS tracking capabilities. The super AMOLED screen allows you to see stats in real-time, and you can map any run with GPS.

Best Features of the Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2- Pink, Medium/Large

There are so many wonderful features integrated into this product. Let’s drill down on the features that impress us the most.

Workout in Water

man swimming with surfboard

One of the best characteristics of this wearable fitness tracker from Samsung is that the device is water-proof, so you are free to work out in the pool without any worries.

“Water Lock” mode keeps registering your workout no matter what touches the screen. The device is water resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet).

Wear Your Playlist

woman with earphones

Music is a motivator, and there’s nothing like being able to load your calorie burning playlist onto the Gear Fit2 for a great workout.

Additionally, if you have a Spotify account, you can download your favorite songs and playlists to fuel your workout.

The Gear Fit2 holds up to up to 500 tracks.

Better Accountability

woman doing grocery checking the phone

The designers have partnered with Under Armour to provide smart apps allowing you to track a wide variety of exercises, as well as attend to changes in your diet.

What the Amazon Critics Have to Say

We recommend the Samsung Gear Fit2 based on all of the great features integrated into the product.

When you take into account the intelligence behind this product, it is an easy recommend to make.

But let us showcase some reviews from real Amazon customers who have actually bought and used the Samsung Gear Fit2, especially those comments that speak to our concerns and recommendations.

Tested and Approved

Upgraded from a Fitbit to this Gear Fit2 Pro (after my Fitbit got wet and ultimately took a digital dirt nap) and was a little leery about getting another fitness band. After some time, and reading some reviews, I thought i’d give it another try.

First thing, I really like about it is the design: Sleek (more than enough pegs for adjusting to a correct wearing size), good weight, able to download different faces, and it being water-resistant were all clutch features. I don’t swim all the time but wanted to give it a quick run under the sink to see how daily use would go. So far so good.

Secondly, …I’m liking Samsung’s route of having an actual charging station. I would think it would add extra life to the product, too, since there is no need to plug a cord into the device all the time. Time will tell, I suppose. It, also, seems to be a pretty quick charge which I like as well.

Thirdly, I’m enjoying all the different tracking features this has. I mainly use it for tracking circuits and running which gives a pretty nice detailed report at the end. Also, just hooked up the music library to it which looks like has 2GB of space which is nice since I enjoy being able to change sounds on the fly depending on the workout. It took me a second to figure out what IP to go to, but by following the steps on the app, had no problem loading up the first 35 songs.Sweet.

Adam Brown

Great fitness tracker/hybrid smartwatch

Fits great on my wife’s skinny wrist. Battery lasts about 3 days with heavy use (my wife is constantly chatting with several messaging apps). Notifications and quick responses work great with her Galaxy phone. The touch screen is smooth and responsive; looks great too. Very impressed. This is essentially a hybrid between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

Took about 2 hours to charge up to 100% out of the box. Note that it does not come with a wall charger, just the cord and dock. I didn’t notice this in the description, but it does say that. We have others lying around so it isn’t a big deal, especially considering how long it goes without needing a charge. I haven’t tried other fitness trackers, so I can’t really compare them, but I do have a Gear S2 smartwatch and the similarities between the devices is impressive. Haven’t had any problems with it tracking steps or heart rate.

Daniel Schneider

Glad I took the chance and bought it

I am not one to review items. However, after reading through all the reviews, especially the negative ones, I felt compelled to share my experience.

The negative reviews almost discouraged me from buying this item, but I am so glad I took a chance and bought it. I was initially concerned about it falling off as some posters claimed happened. If you simply put the band through the loop, like a belt, then it stays on. I went on two, 5 mile runs and had no problem with it falling off.

I was also concerned about the accuracy of GPS, as I am an avid runner. To test its accuracy, I wore the Gear fit 2 on one arm, and my Garmin watch on the other, and the data matched exactly every time I tested it.

I really love the features of this device, and was surprised at how comfortable it was.

Jeff Bidwell

The Ultimate Fitness Partner

It is self defeating to think that just because you strap a fitness tracker to your wrist all of those enduring bad habits will change overnight.

As we said, it is critical to your success that you approach your new fitness gadget with the correct attitude.

A wearable fitness tracker is not a substitute for your willpower. Just like an expensive treadmill or set of free weights, if you don’t use them regularly, everything stays the same.

That being said, we believe it is truly possible for you to attain your goals with this ultimate fitness partner. The Samsung Gear Fit2 is durable, swim-ready, syncs with many apps, plays your music, keeps track of your stats and maintains total connectivity.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Making Healthy and Fitness Habits Possible

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