Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."

-  Tony Robbins

 You can observe all our goals on the timeline in our roadmap. We always do our best to meet deadlines, yet if the highest development or operations standards require additional time, the roadmap will be adjusted correspondingly.

May 2018

PRE-SALE begins

May 2018

EVENT and PRESS conference Pre-production Prototype revealed (MVP)

June 2018

Crowdsale Starts


ICO Ends

Q2 2018

AIRPOD mass production infrastructure completed

Q2 2018

Production Starts first 10 AIRPODS manufactured

Q3 2018

Commercial test of first 10 AIRPODs on UK Airports - PROOF OF CONCEPT

Q1 2019

100 AIRPODS installed

Q3 2019

400 AIRPODs installed Transition to 2nd Phase (introduction the DAPP Platform)

Q1 2020

500 AIRPODs installed DAPP open to public - 3rd Phase

Q2 2021

1000 AIRPODs installed

Q3 2021 and beyond

Geographical Expansion and Growing the Network and Ecosystem