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Razer Naga Review: Guide for a Better Gaming Experience

The computer mouse is one of technology’s most basic, consistent, and evolved peripherals. It’s easy to take for granted the mice of today and just how far they’ve come.

Think back to previous decades. Even going from one button to two was a major improvement for the mouse. And when the trackball was replaced by the optical sensor, it was like a leap forward into the future. Now the mouse has become every bit as technical and versatile as the computer it is attached to in some cases.

Companies have a vested interest in producing mice that are reliable, stylish, and programmable. Programming a mouse once seemed like an impossibility, but the progression of technology has made it possible. Even more to the point, it has made it the norm for high-end mice.

Enter the Razer Naga. From one of the most reputable companies in the industry of computing and computing accessories, the Naga has everything a person could want in a programmable mouse. It offers plenty of buttons, allowing users to set up their preferred configuration to enjoy more seamless control over their device.

It’s also stylish, meaning it can complete any setup from an aesthetic perspective. Functionality is good, but it’s also good to be as proud of your mouse as you are of your keyboard or PC when you snap a picture of your setup.

Today we’ll examine the specs of the Razer Naga, the company behind it, and the public perception it has. Finally, we’ll compare it to other devices in the same industry and price range to determine whether this option is a good buy.

Getting to Know Razer: A Technology Titan That Listens


Razer lives by their motto – for gamers, by gamers. The company makes no apologies and leaves no confusion about who their product line is targeted to.

Gamers have very specific needs when it comes to their computers. But these unique needs go beyond just the processors and graphics cards gamers need – they spill over into the types of hardware peripherals they use.

A standard computer mouse offers everything the standard user needs – but gamers may have additional requirements. For example, PC gamers who use their keyboard and mouse to play need to be able to program keys quickly and the more options they have the better. Being able to map a dozen commands to a peripheral you control with one hand will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Razer was founded in 2005, and established headquarters in both San Diego, California, and Singapore. They began their company with the Razer Diamondback mouse, another one of their most popular products throughout the years. Soon after that came gaming keyboards, collaborations with Microsoft, sponsors, and record sales numbers.

Just a few years later, the company had expanded their product offerings throughout North America and Europe, created more breakthrough technologies in the areas of computer accessories, and gained many gaming sponsorships.

The coming years saw more headquarters opened in places like Austin, Texas and Taipei, Taiwan. Razer had become a common name in gaming by this point, being featured in many gaming conventions and gaining attention from prominent gaming review companies like IGN.

From creating the world’s thinnest gaming laptop to getting world champion players on Team Razer, the company continued expanding over the years as managerial changes took place. Even in the past several years, they’ve continued their evolution by acquiring THX Ltd and Nextbit, launching a line of well-received audio equipment, developing the world’s first ultra-low-profile switch for mechanical keyboards, and establishing multiple global partnerships.

It’s easy to see that Razer is committed to quality – but what about the Naga, specifically? After all, just because a company is well off doesn’t mean every product in their line is good or worth the money. What features does the Razer Naga mouse offer, and what type of gamer is it mainly geared for?

What Are the Good Parts of the Razer Naga?

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The standard Razer Naga looks great from the beginning. With an ergonomic design for improved computer and a distinct black and green color scheme, it has enough visual appeal to make even the pickiest gamer do a double take.

This mouse was basically built for those who enjoy massive multiplayer online (MMO) games. MMOs are known for their abundance of commands, and their gravitation towards customization. You need to make sure your character can access all their abilities, perform all the best taunts, and communicate with other players promptly – that means you need a lot of buttons, but you also need to be able to map them and reach them easily.

The Razer Naga features a dozen programmable thumb buttons. Without much hand movement, a person can quickly launch up to twelve commands and switch said commands out thanks to the smart customization software. The abundance of keymaps and ease of programming makes this mouse a great choice for veteran PC gamers or veteran MMO players alike. But it can also be a great choice for beginners who want a great device they can pick up and use without much of a learning curve.

Another benefit of the Naga is that it is available in both right-hand and left-hand models. Lefties have often been shafted by mice makers, having to improvise their setup which can result in awkward positions and even arm cramps. But this model comes in both configurations, offering the exact same specs and designs but from a mirrored perspective.

In addition to the dozen buttons that are programmable, there are also the standard left-click and right-click buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that works in three directions, and two buttons right below the wheel. This brings the grand total to 19 buttons – plenty of room for customization!

Even those who don’t necessarily game a lot can make use of so many buttons. In addition to setting up common mouse commands like page-forward, page-back, zoom, and select all, they can hotkey mouse buttons to individual programs. This makes the Razer great for MMO gamers whether they’re in the game or handling more basic tasks.

But just because this mouse has a lot going for it doesn’t mean it’s perfect – it has some drawbacks as well.

The Drawbacks of the Razer Naga

Review Razer Naga

Mouse use has become such a popular topic over the years that even the grip a person uses can affect their results. Some mice are built for certain grips over others, and their design favors certain styles thanks to the construction.

The palm grip is exactly what it sounds like – users rest their palm on the base of the mouse, effectively cupping it in their hand while leaving it on the pad. The fingertip grip sees users leave a bit of space between their fingers and the surface of the mouse, touching it only with the ends of their fingers Then there is the claw grip, which sees users arch their fingers significantly when they control the mouse.

Unfortunately for claw grip enthusiasts, this mouse just wasn’t built for that. It isn’t impossible to use it, but it won’t exactly be comfortable. In addition, the buttons may not be as accessible from the claw grip as they would from palm grip or fingertip grip.

While most gamers could make use of a versatile mouse of this type no matter their preferred genre of gaming, there’s no way around the fact that this mouse was made for MMOs and RPGs. The programmable buttons on the side function like their own keypad, reminiscent of how MMO players use the numpad on their keyboard in many situations.

It isn’t impossible to get a good experience with this mouse if you’re playing action games, first-person shooters, or titles from any other genre. But there is a chance a person can find a better option for their needs if they gravitate more toward these genres. The Naga is an MMO player’s best friend, but isn’t quite as friendly to other gamers.

How Does the Razer Naga Compare to the Competition?

A new Razer Naga can cost you anywhere from $75-$100, though it is possible to find some better deals and good discounts if you shop around – or if you have any rewards points built up from your preferred tech vendor.

But there are plenty of other mice in the same category. They’re built to appeal to gamers, and their prices constantly hover right around the triple digit mark or slightly below. How can you tell whether you’d be better off going with one of these options rather than the Naga?

For the sake of variety, we’ll be looking only at competitors outside Razer’s lineup. Here are three you may want to think about.

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This gaming mouse combines light weight, dual sensors, and a sleek design to make for a great offering in the neighborhood of $85. Boasting the world’s lowest lift-off distance, this mouse is great for accuracy and its usability is further boosted by the silicone side grips. While it may only have seven buttons, it is still a solid choice for gamers.

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With a red-lit scroll wheel and lighting fades of orange and yellow on the sides, this mouse looks like a fiery peripheral right in your hand. The LED illumination isn’t all it offers – it also comes with 23 programmable buttons, many of which are located in a manner that is evenly spaced. This makes for more accurate use whether you’re gaming or browsing.

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CORSAIR is another popular name in the tech field, and their Dark Core mouse’s main appeal is its speed. With a highly responsive design and a well-contoured shape, it offers seamless usability and can be helpful in most any gaming genre. It may only have nine programmable buttons, but it is a solid device.

What is the Public Perception of this Mouse?

Razer has been recognized by many people for their commitment to quality and excellence in their product line. This goes for their laptops, PCs, and keyboards – and of course their mice. Razer’s mice have been awarded in the areas of best wireless mouse, best mouse for gaming, most popular mouse among shoppers, and overall best mouse.

The awards don’t end there, but it is a testament to how highly Razer values quality. Landing on par with the other juggernauts of their industry and even exceeding these expectations in some places. Buyers have also been outspoken about how they have rated their experience with Razer. Most of their products have four-to-five-star ratings, and Razer is also the type of company to try and make amends to customers who have had a bad experience.

When a person is shopping for electronics, and especially for computing accessories, they have to be careful. This is one industry where competition is fierce, and where less-than-reputable companies offering knockoff products try to make a quick buck. Razer’s only drawback in a general sense may be the higher price of some of their products.

But that triple snake logo does more than add a cool touch to a gaming rig – it lets a customer know their product was created by a company that values quality. Razer isn’t like those knockoff companies – they plan on being in business a decade from now. That means they need to keep their customers happy, and they do that with quality control and a commitment to taking feedback.




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  • Incredibly accurate
  • More ways to customize
  • More commands

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  • Exclusive TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor
  • The world's lowest and most accurate lift-off distance
  • 256 center of gravity weight tuning configurations. Lift Off Distance : Customizable, 0.5mm - 2 mm
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    • Ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz wireless technology
    • Low latency Bluetooth wireless technology
    • Custom, gaming-grade, native 16000 DPI optical sensor with 1 DPI resolution steps for high accuracy performance

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    Final Verdict: Worth It or Not?

    The Razer Naga is absolutely worth it if you’re an MMO player. This mouse was practically built for the genre, and comes complete with the perfect setup for palm grip and fingertip grip players.

    If you like other gaming genres, you may find this mouse a little clunky. If you’re a fan of the claw grip, you’re likely to be disappointed. For the money, this mouse is definitely worth it to the audience it is built for.

    With a name like Razer, this mouse was bound to be good. And when used in its intended environment, it can deliver great results while looking (and feeling) fantastic in your set up.

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