The market

AIRPOD’s market entry points are the world’s busiest airports, where user flow is guaranteed due to frequent waiting for transit flights and unexpected flight delays.

We found a perfect market niche – over 400 Million passengers in air transit per year facing the same problems. Considering our future expansion plans the market we are entering is worth over $500 Million.

Global Napping pod Market

The demand for air travel continues to grow. Airports continue to transform from a primary air transport infrastructure to multi-functional enterprises, generating revenue through commercial development within and outside the airport terminal.

The global airport sleeping pods market was valued at $55 Million in 2016 and is expected to surpass $75 Million by 2021.

The global market expansion

Our vision is to see AirPod units implemented in every major airport across the globe before moving out of airports to other public places. With the introduction of Partnership Program, business-minded people will be able to join an Uber-like Business model with exponential growth.

It will enable an AirPod unit set up on public places outside airports – train and bus stations, hospitals, fairs and venues, offices, business centres, shopping centres, universities, hotels, etc. This will enable the rapid expansion of AirPod units worldwide.


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