Hobbyking Review: Buying Experience, Selection, Sales and More

While there are many places to find sales across the internet, HobbyKing is one of the best for people who enjoy model airplanes or remote controlled models.

The Hong Kong based company, which was first founded in 2001, sells a range of low-priced equipment for many different pieces of machinery in the hobby.

The site is easy to navigate, simple to understand, and, much more important, reasonably priced.

Saving money is always great, and the following sections will cover exactly why no one saves you money in the remote controlled world better than Hobbyking.

Pulling Back the Shade

Hobbyking.com logo

To fully explore Hobbyking as a company, we first need to break down exactly what they are and what they sell.

At the base, the site is a sales-based company whose goal is to provide people with the best prices on many different pieces for remote controlled devices.

For example, they have parts for motor cars, RC planes, drones, and helicopters in addition to batteries, chargers, FPV, radio, and power systems. That is just a fraction of what they sell, and you can find much, much more.

The website also comes with a dedicated lifestyle section that covers a wide range of toys, remote control gadgets, and metal detectors to please people of all ages.

The team behind the website is filled with engineers, designers, and product testers to make sure that all of the items are not just affordable, but that they are dependable and well-made too.

Cheap, Competitive Prices

Hobbyking.com Cheap, Competitive Prices

The most important thing to discuss when breaking down Hobbyking are their prices.

This is the company’s calling card and for good reason.

It is hard to find any prices within the hobby that match what they offer.

There are several sections to go over when discussing this topic, and they will all be broken down below.

First, are the actual prices themselves. It is very easy to become skeptical when analyzing Hobbyking’s incredible prices. However, they are as legit as anywhere.

The reason they can afford such great products at such low prices is because the company has a direct link with their factories as well as strong manufacturing capabilities. Rather than going through a middle man, they pass any savings they get from affordable manufacturing directly to the customer so that both parties benefit.

In addition, they are a low-profit organization. That means they can further discount the products that they sell and ensure everyone who buys from them gets a fair price.

Delivery, Dependability, and Postage

Hobbyking.com Delivery, Dependability, and Postage

While their delivery speed is not always as quick as some of the other larger companies out there, Hobbyking still gets the packages out on time.

In addition, the postage pricing matches their products in that it is fair and affordable for everyone across the world.

They offer free shipping to many countries from their global warehouse in Hong Kong with any purchase of $150 or more. In addition, shipping from their United States, United Kingdom, or Netherland Warehouse is free to many countries with orders $50 and over.

All of those savings may make a lot of people naturally distrusting of the process, but all of the products are secure and well made. Though the parts will not always be able to stand up to the best and well-known brands on the market, they are more than worth the low prices.

It is easy to think you need top-of-the-line items for each project, but that is not always the case.

Hobbyking’s options are great for DIY home projects or for those who want to expand their tool bench. You can even pick a few spare parts without worrying, giving you a bit of extra security in case of accidents.

This is all about getting great value for your money.

Deals of the Day

Hobbyking.com Deals of the Day

Low prices are fantastic, but only if you can find them. It does not matter what’s on sale if you cannot properly locate the items.

While you always have the option to browse through the Hobbyking website (and previously mentioned sections) the front page also comes with a handy “What’s Hot Right Now?” Section.

This is a great feature that lists the best deals at the very top of the page before you scroll down. Just by going to the website, you will instantly be aware of sales.

Not only that, but each of the pictures that you can scroll through has a rating system so you know how much other customers enjoyed the items. If you want to know more about any one device or part, you can simply click on it and the site will direct you to the page.

From there, you can browse through the specs and see all of the different features. This is easy to navigate and maximized your savings.

Subscribe for Great Updates

Hobbyking.com Subscribe for Great Updates

What’s Hot is a great part of the Hobbyking website, but they do not change as frequently as some would like.

That then leads to the question, what do you do if you want great deals but don’t want to frequently check the website?

Hobbyking has you covered on that front with its email list.

All you need to do to become a part of that is enter your email into the allocated section at the bottom of the website’s front page and hit “subscribe.”

That will then sign you up for discount and new product alerts, all of which will be sent to you when deals or sales come up.

In addition, this will also keep you in the loop on promotions, Hobbyking news, and any exciting announcements that might pop up over time.

This is an incredibly handy feature for anyone who wants to stay involved with the company without needing to manually stay updated.

Multi-Tiered Customer Service Options

Hobbyking.com live chat

Major companies need good customer service, and this is another place where Hobbyking shines. While they were not always the best in this compartment, they have taken several major steps over the years to provide the best experience possible.

The company uses many different features to go the extra mile and provide a great experience for anyone buying from them.

Though some issues are beyond their control, they do everything they can to make sure that, not only do you get what you ordered in a timely fashion, but that the whole process is smooth and easy.

There are several ways they do that, and one of the best is offering different lines of service.

FAQ and Customer Support Center

No matter how secure or well put together a system is, problems can always occur.

Hobbyking recognizes that and has taken great steps to make sure if you do ever find yourself in the midst of such an issue, you can contact the simple Customer Support Center.

There, you have two options.

You can either access the Hobbyking help center or you can take a look at part of the advanced FAQ.

First, the help center is filled with different options to help you find exactly what you need at any given time. You have the option of picking between many different sections, including announcements, account information, website questions, discounts, inventor portal, payment, and more.

Then, once you click a section you are given multiple subsections within that category. Click on the one you want and you’re ready to go.

Those various options make sure that you will always have the ability to get the answer you want as quickly as possible.

There is a traditional FAQ (also accessible through the main website) as well as a list of promoted articles. They cover some of the most asked questions, including information on how to cancel an order, how to track a shipment, and different payment options.

Even More Service Options

Continuing on how well Hobbyking takes care of its customers, they also offer a help window and live chat options.

Clicking help will open a search bar that you can type a keyword into. That will then show you several results with questions that pertain to the word.

Of course, if you do not see anything that matches your search, you always have the option to leave them a message. Just put in your name, email and fill in the question type.

Then, you can put in your order number, or simply fill out the “How Can We Help You?” Section as you see fit. There is even a section to put attachments just in case you need to upload a document.

The Pros of Live Chat

The final part of the customer service is Hobbying’s live chat feature.

This is another handy feature that does exactly what it seems like it would do. You click the button (located on the bottom of the page) and that will provide you with a pop-up window asking you all of the basic questions about your order (warehouse location, email, product category, etc.).

All you need to do is fill that section out and you can chat with a Hobbyking employee. This is just another way they provide amazing customer service. Even if you rarely use the live chat feature, it is a great option to have access to just in case.

Though it may be surprising, you can even file complaints. However, if you do, the company asks you to includes details on the issue, keep it on the topic, and make the complaint succinct and complete.

The Community

Hobbyking, while providing great parts at low prices, is a company that seeks to go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. That is what got them started in the first place, and it is still on display today.

A perfect example of that comes through in their “Community” section, which covers what happens any given news across the hobby world. You can get the latest updates, but there is also an archive to scroll through.

This may not seem like a big deal in terms of purchasing items, but it is another way the company tries to do more for its customers.

This part of the website is split into several sections.

First, you have the ability to choose what section you want news on (planes, FPV, cars, drones, or battery) and then you can click to bring up any relevant articles about that specific topic.

There is also a scrolling featured articles section, which shows the most recently posted articles about the hobby in general, as well a series of videos for enthusiasts to check out.

While some websites slack on their news sections, Hobbyking’s stays updated pretty frequently. That way you never have to worry about it being dead for too long.

Access Resources

The final part to break down when looking at Hobbyking is their “Resources” section.

This part of the website is similar to the Community section in that it is meant to provide information more than anything else.

There are two parts to this, which are Electric Flight Basics and Battery Safety Guidelines.

Each section covers its theme with a succinct and easy-to-follow guide.

Though more experienced hobbyists may know the information laid out in each, both are extremely handy to have on hand for beginners or people just getting into the activity.

A Hobby Shop Unlike any Other

Hobbyking is a company that, despite its past controversies, goes the distance to create a complete customer experience.

Not only does it provide each person with valuable, dependable parts at cheap prices, but they also have excellent customer service and a fantastic website.

Though there are several places online to purchase different hobby parts for planes, cars, and drones, you will not be able to find prices that match Hobbyking.

That alone makes them a great place to purchase items.

Then, when you factor in all of their customer service options, resources, and help guides, you get a website that is truly beyond anything else out there.

Hobbyking Review: Buying Experience, Selection, Sales and More

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