What currencies are accepted during crowdsale?

All participants will be able to contribute their Fiat (EUR) and ETH in exchange for
APOD Tokens during the Pre-Sale and Crowdsale phases.

What is value of 1 APOD token at the token sale?

$0.1 per each APOD token.

What country citizens are able to participate?

US, China, South Korea and Singapore citizens are not allowed to participate in crowdfunding.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount of ETH (or corresponding FIAT currency value) I can participate with?

Maximum amount for participation in Pre-Sale is 300 ETH. There is no minimum limit in Pre-sale and Crowdsale phase. If you want to invest more ETH please send us PM on Telegram. Minimum amount for participation is 0,1 ETH and in FIAT is 500 EUR.

What is the Soft Cap and the Hard Cap?

Soft cap is equivalent to $2,700,000 and is already reached. This means the business is already a success and project has started accordingly to roadmap, while still raising the hard cap, which is equivalent to $20,000,000.

Are you performing a KYC?

Yes, of course. We kindly ask every participant to fill out our KYC. Crowdfunding participants are asked to complete KYC before the purchase.
KYC team will review your submission and afterwards you will receive email with complete instructions for contribution.

How can I participate in the AirPod Crowdsale?

You have to open your ERC-20 compatible wallet. Instructions here ( Contribution instructions ). After you fill KYC form, you will receive the complete instructions how to contribute.

How to open ETH wallet?

Please follow the instructions here. ( How to open a wallet )

Why do I need to open ETH wallet?

Please open ERC-20 wallet, so we can send you your APOD tokens, which are your entry ticket for macro returns in the Sponsorship Program.

Why is APOD token neccessary?

Like many countries and economies around the globe, the Airpod has its internal economy, based on APOD token. Benefits of having own currency are autonomous economy, protected to the outside market conditions and crises; payment of AirPod rent can be made with APOD tokens on all locations, regardless of the currency used in the country where it is positioned; easier, faster and cheaper cross-border payments/transactions; it enables crowdfunding from every participant around the globe, indirectly giving them long term-passive incomes from their support in crowdfunding.
APOD token is Payment and Utility token, which is used as payment currency for using the AirPod unit, or as an entry ticket to the Sponsorship Program, where you collect benefits from each AirPod unit as a Sponsor.

Do I need special wallet for the tokens?

APOD is ERC 20 token, meaning ERC20 compatible wallets are where you can store them.

Here is a list of some of the most used wallets known as ERC20 compatible:

Hot wallets:

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)

Mist (Desktop)

Parity (Desktop)

MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)

imToken (iPhone)

imToken (Android)

Trust (iPhone)

Trust (Android)

Cipher (iPhone)

Cipher (Android)

Cold wallets:

Ledger (+MyEtherWallet)

Trezor (+MyEtherWallet)

What is the total supply of APOD tokens?

250,000,000 APOD tokens will be issued that will keep circulating in the sustainable AirPod-Crypto-Economy.

Which exchanges will offer APOD and when?

APOD will be listed in exchange/-s soon after Crowdfunding/ICO ends. Information which exchange/-s can not be disclosed at this point due to legal reasons.

What are the first locations for AirPod distribution?

Despite the wide possibility of implementing AirPod into various spaces, we have decided to introduce them in the airports first. After a careful analysis, we regard that airports are the market most in need for the sleeping/napping pod. Also, we have already signed letters of intent with global distribution partners.

What will be the price of AirPod Sleeping Pod usage?

1 hour rent rate will start from $18 (15€) / hour (depending on location).

Will AirPod units be clean to use with such fluency of customers?

We’ll take care of cleaning and smells by implementing the following technology:

• LED lights for disinfection that turns on after each user ( Detailed information ).

• We have integrated scent machine into Air condition which refines and perfumes the air with the procedure of cold micro-molecular dispersion. It eliminates 100% of unpleasant smells and increases the level of oxygen atoms in the air and negative ions.

• The last step before next customer can use AirPod, is a physical check by our staff at the airport.

What is the market value of 1 AirPod unit for supporter?

Taking in account that AirPod unit is occupied 6 hours per day, 30 days per month, the renting price is $18/15 € per hour and APOD token is worth $0,1 that would be approximately 14.000 EUR or USD $16.000.

What is AirPod’s core business model?

The Core business of the company is renting AirPod units. We will enter the market, prove the business model and test the product on users by partnering with a distribution partner.
The forecast plan is to implement 1,000 AirPods within the next years across numerous international airports.

What is Micro Real Estate Business?

AirPod is introducing the micro real estate business – renting out AirPod units in top locations worldwide for monthly rewards.

How high is the ROI and for how long do you remain the Sponsor of AirPod unit?

Returns will be higher than most returns in real estate business – around 100% per year. For detailed calculation click here.
Once AirPod contributor becomes a sponsor of a specific AirPod Unit, he starts receiving monthly passive-income as long as he remains the sponsorship rights owner. Monthly reward is paid out in APOD tokens. If a sponsor wants a »quick exit«, he can sell his rights to another user on an AirPod’s internal DApp platform – risk-free, with no paperwork, intermediary or additional contracts, through the Smart Contract.

Which are the advantages of Blockchain, integrated in the business model?

Use of blockchain is the key to the success of the AirPod business. The advantages of distributed ledger technology will enable the avoidance of bureaucracy costs, cross-border payment problems and make the whole business completely transparent.
With the implementation of the blockchain, we can reward all AirPod business supporters with lifetime benefits.

Advantages of using the Blockchain technology in our business:
– No additional costs, effort and time.
– Complete transparency.
– Effortless business from home office.
– Lifetime passive income with returns of around 100% per year.

At the same time blockchain is enabling complete transparency, helping us control and grow our business. It enables processes on DAPP platform (below) faster, cheaper and more transparent than ever:

– Auditing.
– Preparation and coordination of legal opinions and contracts (the relationship between participants).
– Signing agreements.
– Sales (trade) “rights” on profits made by AirPod unit (process).
– Transparency – tracking and permissions.
– Cross border Payments.

– Smart Contract and token are solving all of the mentioned problems.
– Real-time monitoring of all AirPod unit’s financial performance and profit.

How does the AirPod business function?

Why contribute to AirPod ICO?

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