Dvorak Keyboards – The Top 3 Picks of Both Gamers and Professionals

Dvorak Keyboards are another standard of keyboard separate from QWERTY keyboards. Dvorak keyboards claim to reduce the required finger distance necessary to travel across keys, make typing a faster process, and reduce the amount of strain incurred by prolonged typing.

Buying a new keyboard can be a somewhat weird process. How do you know which Dvorak keyboards will actually help increase your typing speed? We’ve searched across the internet to find the best Dvorak keyboards on the market. We aim to provide you with Dvorak keyboards that don’t break the bank while performing well.

In addition to listing the top Dvorak keyboards on the market, we will provide readers with an overview of how we choose the best Dvorak keyboards.

How We Decide Which Dvorak Keyboards are the Best

hand and keyboard

Different Dvorak keyboards perform in different ways. Some Dvorak keyboards can switch between QWERTY and Dvorak standards at the flip of a switch. Other Dvorak keyboards are more ergonomic, and come with the addition of mechanical keys that feel very responsive.  

We recommend the best Dvorak keyboards based on the following criteria:

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Affordability


The design of a Dvorak keyboard is important to pay attention to as it informs whether or not the Dvorak keyboard can truly be useful. Dvorak keyboards are supposed to make typing faster and less intensive on the wrists. The design of Dvorak keyboards greatly impacts their way to successfully deliver the previously mentioned benefits.


The design of the Dvorak keyboard is important. We can discuss theory, but at the end of the day you want a Dvorak keyboard that will deliver results. We take into consideration reviews and the proposed performance of the keyboards we review. Not all Dvorak keyboards are equal in performance, so we will mention the different specs of these keyboards.


At the end of the day we care about the affordability of the Dvorak keyboards we rate. Some keyboards may be fairly inexpensive, while other keyboards may be quite pricey. Dvorak keyboards are an interesting solution to help folks develop faster typing patterns and prevent injury. We will consider the price of the Dvorak Keyboard in relation to its performance and design.

Our Top Picks of the Best Dvorak Keyboards

Dvorak Style Keyboard -Right Hand
  • For single-handed users
  • May correct RSI symptoms
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows

The right-handed version of the Keytronics Dvorak style keyboard is an excellent keyboard that is designed to be as usable as possible. This keyboard is easy to learn, provides comfort, and can help increase typing speed and accuracy.


The Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard is an all-white keyboard that is specifically designed for single-hand use. This is important because the Dvorak style of keyboard is meant to increase the efficiency of the person typing on the keyboard.

This Dvorak keyboard features keys that are organized and positioned where the user typing would normally rest their hands. Instead of having to exert oneself reaching all of the keys, this Dvorak keyboard takes a simpler approach.

The less frequently used keys on this keyboard are placed further from the center of the keyboard layout. This is to ensure that the user does not have to reach for keys that are not as necessary to use. This makes the keyboard much easier to use for new typist, and folks looking to increase their overall typing speed.


Dvorak Style Keyboard -Right Hand

The Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard actually assists users with alleviating repetitive-stress injury. This keyboard allows for this performance in part because the keys are very easy to hit. It only takes around 80 grams of pressure or less to activate the keys, so people interested in this keyboard don’t have to worry about banging on the keyboard to get their keystrokes out.

In addition to the performance of the responsiveness of the keyboard, this keyboard also features status lights that allow the typist to see at a glance what moods are enabled. Typists will appreciate this because it allows them to continue typing and retain keystroke accuracy. They can do this without having to waste time double-checking which modes are enabled.


The Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard is on the expensive side of general keyboards on Amazon Prime. When compared to regular everyday keyboards, it is no secret that Dvorak keyboards are more expensive.

In addition to Dvorak keyboards being more expensive than regular QWERTY keyboards, there are also fewer Dvorak keyboards on the market. 

Taking that price point into consideration, the Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard becomes a bit more affordable than its competitors.  


The Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard offers typist a different way to type and increase their words per minute. This is an excellent choice if you are someone who is worried about developing carpal tunnel syndrome, and want a keyboard that is actually going to assist you with either preventing this health problem, or coping with it.

We think that the design of this keyboard will appeal to folks who are looking for a Dvorak keyboard. What makes this keyboard harder to recommend, however, is its compatibility. The Keytronics Dvorak keyboard is only compatible with Windows devices. Mac users will not find this keyboard useful.

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600), Black top case, Cherry MX Brown Switches, QWERTY keycaps
  • CONTOURED ERGONOMIC SHAPE PROVEN TO INCREASE COMFORT AND PRODUCTIVITY: Patented design features split keywells with concave shape, thumb keys, orthogonal layout, 20 degrees of tenting, and integrated palm supports with cushioned palm pads.
  • GENUINE CHERRY MECHANICAL SWITCHES FOR PREMIUM TYPING FEEL AND PERFORMANCE: Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches feature a low activation force, tactile feedback and are rated for 50 million key presses for unmatched durability.
  • Full onboard programmability with the Driverless Smart Set engine: Custom layouts in QWERTY or Dvorak, on-the-fly macro recording, one-touch key remapping, Windows, Mac, PC modes, settings saved to keyboards 4MB flash memory, Smart Set app GUI for Windows
  • Plug-and-play with all major operating systems: Windows 7-10, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome.
  • 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Buy with confidence knowing that Kinesis engineers all our products in the USA to the highest standards and stands behind them 100 percent since 1992.

The Kinesis Advantage2 QD Dvorak Keyboard is a high-price Dvorak Keyboard that is very well reviewed on Amazon. This keyboard features keyboard caps for Dvorak typists, and supports the Dvorak typing style quite well.


The Kinesis Advantage2 QD Dvorak keyboard is designed for both Dvorak typists and Qwerty typists. With swappable keyboard keycaps, this is a very versatile Dvorak keyboard. Kinesis has been developing state-of-the-art keyboards for over 25 years. The Kinesis Advantage2 QD is representative of this quality.

The Kinesis Advantage2 QD features a contoured keyboard that is meant to provide maximum comfort. By spacing keys to the left and right sides of the keyboard, the Advantage2 QD aims to be as ergonomic as possible.

In addition to the contoured design, the Kinesis Advantage2 QD also features mechanical keys that make it very easy to type. You don’t have to worry about banging against the keys. Instead, you will be met with a mechanical response that will let you know you’ve clicked the key without forcing your fingers to remain pressed for too long.

One of the final great features that separate this Dvorak keyboard from other Dvorak keyboards on the market is that this keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. That level of versatility and compatibility is hard to come by for Dvorak keyboards.


Kinesis Advantage2 QD Ergonomic Keyboard for Dvorak Typists (KB600QD)

The Kinesis Advantage2 QD is very well received on Amazon. Its performance is excellent. In addition to the ergonomic design that the Kinesis Advantage2 is built on, it also features a number of functions that increase performance.

One of the performance-enhancing features the Kinesis Advantage2 has is the SmartSet Programming Engine. This engine allows typists to easily create, view, edit, share, and backup layouts for their keyboard. This is useful for Dvorak typists who want to add additional customization to their keyboard.

In addition to setting keyboard layouts, typists can also set up macros on the Kinesis Advantage2.

One of the last important performance features is the inclusion of generic Human Interface Drivers. These drivers are what allows the keyboard to be used with a variety of different operating systems.


The Kinesis Advantage2 QD is quite expensive. This Dvorak keyboard can be purchased on Amazon. While this price is definitely higher than Keytronics’ Dvorak keyboard, it is also of a higher quality. When we consider whether or not this is affordable, we have to leave that up to the discretion of the person purchasing this keyboard.

If you are a typist who is convinced the Dvorak typing method is useful for you, and could additionally use an ergonomic, mechanical keyboard, then the Kinesis Advantage2 QD is an excellent choice. You will receive a lot of features that can assist with increasing your typing speed. You can do this all while having an ergonomic keyboard that protects your wrists.


If you are someone who is in need of a Dvorak keyboard, then it is hard not to recommend the Kinesis Advantage2 QD. It has a number of ergonomic options that are meant to assist typist with their keystrokes and accuracy.

While this keyboard is definitely on the expensive end, we believe you will enjoy this keyboard if you are someone in the market for a Dvorak keyboard.

Matias Dvorak Keyboard
  • This keyboard has full Dvorak functionality Hard-Wired right into it, with no need to wait until AFTER login
  • A physical switch toggles the keyboard between Dvorak layout and Qwerty Layout
  • 2 port USB hub built into the keyboard

The Matias Dvorak Keyboard is a simple, no-frills Dvorak keyboard that gets the job done. A perk to this keyboard is that it actually has the QWERTY keys labeled on it in blue text.


The Matias Dvorak Keyboard is a keyboard that is designed to be useful with the Dvorak style of typing. There is a physical switch on the keyboard that switches it from QWERTY to Dvorak. This is an excellent solution if multiple people plan on using the keyboard. This way, if someone is feeling uncomfortable with the Dvorak style, it can be easily switched.

Having a switch is a nice usability choice that we enjoy. It gives the buyer the convenience of basically having two forms of keyboards in one.

In addition to having a switch to change between keyboard settings, this keyboard also features a 2-port USB hub built into the keyboard. This can be useful for folks who don’t want to sacrifice multiple USB input options.


Matias Dvorak Keyboard

The Matias Dvorak Keyboard performs quite well. It is critiqued well on Amazon, with folks loving the fact that this keyboard does not require special drivers to work with computers.  

Folks also appreciate how easy it is to switch between the different settings on this keyboard. Whenever we see technology that promotes switching, we are critical of whether or not this technology actually works. Reviews have confirmed that the Matias Dvorak Keyboard’s switching mechanism does work well.


When it comes to affordability, the Matias Dvorak Keyboard is slightly more expensive than the Keytronics Dvorak keyboard. The Matias Dvorak Keyboard can be purchased from Amazon.

We think that the price point for this keyboard is justified, given the market rate for Dvorak keyboards. If you have the ability to spend on a Dvorak keyboard, then this keyboard will work well for you. It may not have all of the ergonomic features of the Kinesis keyboard, but it will get the job done.


At the end of the day, this keyboard is going to perform much better than the Keytronics Dvorak Keyboard. The reason being that this keyboard is plug-and-play with more than just Windows technologies. In addition, this keyboard is cheaper than the Kinesis keyboard, and still offers ergonomic advantages.

Dvorak Keyboards Are Expensive

1. Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard Right Hand   Keytronics Dvorak Style Keyboard Right HandDesign All-white KeyboardDesigned for single-hand useEasy to useLess frequently used keys are placed further from the center of the keyboard layoutPerformance Assists users with alleviating Repititive-Stress Injury (RSI)Keys are easy to hit80 grams of pressure to activate the keysStatus lightsRetains keystroke accuracyBuy on Amazon
2. Kinesis Advantage2 QD Dvorak Keyboard   Kinesis Advantage2 QD Dvorak KeyboardDesign Designed for both Dvorak and Qwerty typistsSwappable keyboard keycapsContoured keyboard for maximum comfortErgonomicMechanical keysCompatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devicesPerformance SmartSet Programming EngineSet up macrosIncludes Human Interface DriversBuy on Amazon
3. Matias Dvorak Keyboard   Matias Dvorak KeyboardDesign ​Physical switch that switches from Qwerty to DvorakNice usabilityTwo forms of keyboard in one2-port USB hubPerformance Does not require special driversEasy to switchBuy on Amazon

At the end of the day, Dvorak keyboards are quite expensive. If you are someone who programs, or you are a writer who is worried about word accuracy, then a Dvorak keyboard could be great for you. For average consumers who have heard about Dvorak keyboards, these are some of the best keyboards on the market.

It is important to note that one need not buy an expensive Dvorak keyboard to practice the Dvorak technique. There are a number of keyboard covers that can be purchased that can let users practice with the Dvorak style.

These keyboard covers come with the caveat that the end user will have to set up the ability for the keyboard to be interpreted as a Dvorak keyboard. It is for this reason that the plug-and-play feature of Dvorak keyboards is so desirable.

Dvorak Keyboards – The Top 3 Picks of Both Gamers and Professionals

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