CyberPowerPC Review: Is It The Perfect Gaming Machine?

The CyberPowerPC is pretty impressive. Specs include a GTex 1070, an I7 3700 HQ, 16GB of RAM, 256 gigs M-Note 2 SSD and a 1TB farracuda hard drive. These specs are nothing short of phenomenal and prove that the guys behind the CyberPowerPC really weren’t playing around when they put this beast of a machine together. Looking at the specs again, they almost seem fabricated. Of course, they’re not, and we think very much that you’re going to like them.


Starting off on the outside, the top of the clamshell is a pretty nice brushed aluminum – it is incredibly susceptible to fingerprints, however, so bear that in mind, and does have the CyberPowerPC logo emblazoned on the back.

Unlike a lot of the other custom laptop models from people like PC specialist, this one isn’t a clever model that has been rebranded – this looks to be something that CyberPowerPC either make themselves or make specifically just for them, so it is fairly unique to their brand. This really goes to show the care and attention to detail that CyberPowerPC have thought to go to when making this gaming machine.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 2

Most of the IO is on the back of the laptop, including the DC in, a full-size HDMI port, gigabit Ethernet, full-size display port, USB 3 type A and USB type C as well.

On the right-hand side, you have an SD card reader, two more USB 2 ports, a headphone and microphone jack; on the left-hand side you have two USB 3 ports, which actually makes this one of the best equipped laptops in terms of IO, especially considering those five total USB type A ports, which is a very nice inclusion.

From the side profile, this is not a thin laptop and is definitely one of the thicker models, but this does include an interesting trade-off. Despite its thickness, the CyberPowerPC is not actually the heaviest laptop in the world, and obviously being a 15-inch, but with a GTex 1070, it actually makes it a pretty interesting proposition in general, especially when you take a look at the price, it’s actually quite decent value.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 3

So far, everything seemed all very promising to us, but we’ve also been disappointed many-a-time, so upon choosing to open up the CyberPowerPC, we were a little feverish indeed. However, upon finally going ahead, we found opening the clamshell to be a very nice procedure – just single-handed you don’t need to hold the bottom down like a lot of laptops and gives it an air of quality.

The inside, unlike some of the MSI models, is all-plastic, making it even more of a fingerprint magnet than the top. It is still easy enough to clean, although if you are touching the top of the clamshell, we recommend you clean that or wipe it off as quick as possible, so as to not actually damage the brushed aluminum, whereas with the plastic here you can generally leave it a bit messier and you probably won’t have too many issues.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 4

The keyword itself is incredibly RGB and uses this mechanical feeling switch. It is definitely a scissor switch and has a tactile bump to it. With that said, the one thing with this is that it still definitely feels like a rubber dome switch underneath it, and that kind of makes it a bit annoying.

While it feels interesting when you first start typing on it, you realize that it actually adds a bit of resistance to be able to press the switch, and because the actuation point isn’t where that click happens, you do still have to bottom out the switch.

This means it is less accurate and more annoying while gaming; we sometimes found especially with the larger keys like the shift (for running around) that it would latch and lock itself, and then we’d have to push even harder to break that lock.

This meant we couldn’t key press on time, which was a little bit of an annoyance. It is a little interesting to type on and does mean that it’s a little bit of a louder laptop to type on than most.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 5

The Trackpad that belongs to this is okay, although it’s not the best in the world. It tracks pretty well, there’s decent enough acceleration on it, and it includes things like two finger scrolling.

The one thing we should mention is that the two physical buttons on the bottom are physically attached in the center, so the only actual mouse button points are right at the edge.

This does mean that you’ll often find yourself mis-clicking, especially when we found that we were double-clicking or tapping things to open things from the desktop, for example, that it didn’t actually launch, and we had to press the enter key instead, which can be a little bit of a pain, and something you definitely need to get used.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 6

Looking at the display, it is absolutely beautiful, with fantastic viewing angles, especially from the sides, but obviously it is still top to bottom anyway, which doesn’t really matter, as there is the hinge there. It’s still a very impressive display and is very nice to look at and pretty good to game on, too.


In terms of gaming, the laptop performed excellently – here are some of the gaming results. Taking a look at games like Dirt Rally on ultra settings at 1080p, it ran at 99 fps on average, with pretty decent minimums and maximums too.

When taking a look at GTA 5, you’ll be looking at 140 fps on very high settings, so this is a machine you’re going to be pretty pleased with – it’s going to last a fair amount of time, but with a 60 Hz display, anything above 60 fps is more than fine.

This is a very impressive laptop that should last you a long while, both in gaming and other applications. Our experience with gaming on the laptop was pretty fantastic. It was still certainly on the louder side.

When taking a look at the web camera and built-in microphone, we did a quick test of them just for reference. We found that the WebCam isn’t too bad; it’s more-or-less passable for Skype calls and similar applications.

  • 1080p at 99fps, up to 140fps
  • 60 Hz display
  • Web camera
  • Built-in microphone

The microphone is generally pretty good, although you probably won’t be pro streaming using this, especially if you’re trying to use the laptop while you are using the microphone. It’s built into the shell, so it’s pretty loud; you can hear the keyboard clicks and mouse clicks, so bear that in mind if you are planning on making use of it.

So, while the fan noise was a little bit on the high side and does get a little bit loud, if you have headphones in, you probably won’t be bothered too much. Obviously, if you’re still travelling with this, for example, and then it’s not going to be too bad, especially if you’re not plugged in, then you’re going to have that limited performance as you do with most laptops. If you are plugged in, but sitting with your loved one, then they may be a little bit annoyed with the sound signature of it.


Cyberpowerpc Tracer III 15 Extreme 200 7

We also opted to take a look at the inside of the CyberpowerPC – we flipped it over and disassembled the laptop, finding some nice things. First of all, the battery is very easily accessible.

It is a pretty low overall watt-hour rating of 47 W hours, which means for a laptop of this caliber you’re getting relatively limited battery life, and it needs to be pretty much plugged into the wall the entire time. You can also access a very easy to access slide off panel, which means if you want to install a second M.2 SSD, swap out your hard drive with the existing SSD or swap out any more RAM, it is all very accessible from this small panel.

  • Battery is very easily accessible
  • Watt-hour rating of 47 W hours 
  • Can install a second M.2 SSD
  • Very accessible slide off panel

It just takes three screws, and you can to slide it out – it’s nice to see for future upgradability. With that said, if you want to try and get in further and replace something like the thermal paste for the cooling solution, it can be a little bit more difficult.

We took apart probably a good 20 screws at the bottom of this laptop, and a couple from the back, too. Even with removing the plastic grills that go over the rear exhaust ventilation, I couldn’t quite get it apart.

It seems that the actual components are actually fully attached to the bottom of the shell, not the top of the keyboard, which does mean that you actually have some pretty good separation for heat, so that you don’t feel any extra heat coming through the keyboard, which is a nice touch.

This does mean, however, that serviceability for those extra, more hidden items is a little bit more difficult.


CYBERPOWERPC Tracer III Slim TS1200 15.6" Gaming Notebook (Intel i7-8750H 2.2GHz, 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 500GB M.2 SSD, RGB Mechanical Keyboard & Win10 Home) Black
  • System: Intel i7-8750H 2.2GHz Six-Core | Intel HM370 Chipset | 16GB DDR4 | 500GB M.2 SSD | Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB video card | FHD IPS Anti-Glare 15.6" LED Display | Audio: 2.1 Digital Surround Sound Stereo Speakers
  • Connectivity: 1x HDMI | 2x Mini DisplayPort | 1x USB 2.0 | 2x USB 3.1 | 1x USB Type C | 1x RJ-45 network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 802.11 AC Wi-Fi | Bluetooth 5.0 | 2-in-1 Card Reader
  • Special feature: Programmable RGB Mechanical Keyboard & Click pad
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Toll Free Tech Support Services

The price point for this laptop release (at least from what we understand) is pretty impressive, especially for a 1070. You get some excellent gaming performance, pretty decent thermals – you’ll be looking at about 70° and 80° respectively from the CPU and GPU, especially because 7700 kit HQ is a pretty hard chip to cool.

It is still pretty impressive that you are you getting that far, especially with how relatively quiet it is. Just bear in mind that with longer-term gaming sessions it does get a little bit loud, but either way we were really very impressed with this.

CyberPowerPC Review

It stands to reason, that as gamers, we can go to extreme lengths to find the perfect gaming machine. As it has to cover all of our needs, wants and desires, it’s more than important that we take the necessary time to find the ultimate gaming device.

These machines have to fulfill a lot of different criteria, and being posed with the ‘ultimate gaming laptop,’ is a serious question. Many of us may assume we already have it!

So back to the real question – is the CyberPowerPC the ultimate gaming laptop? Well for us, it’s small enough to be portable, it’s still a bit thick, but is not too heavy and has a GTX 1070, which makes it incredible for its performance. The screen is beautiful, it’s not 120 Hz but still very nice.

At the overall usage level, the experience was pretty good, and we think just adding a normal keyboard to it and we’d call this one of the best laptops we have reviewed. Regardless, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this machine.

Are you someone who is looking for a new gaming laptop? Is this too much for you, or is this the ultimate dream machine? Feel free to let us know.

CyberPowerPC Review: Is It The Perfect Gaming Machine?

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