APOD Token crowdsale

Why will the APOD token potentially gain value

The main driver of potential APOD token value increase lays in our technical execution after receiving FIAT payment for the AirPod service:

We are splitting the received FIAT (payment for rent) by using 50% of the value for our company costs and the remaining 50% for buying Tokens at the lowest market price and placing them back as sell orders on Exchange in the equivalent value of $2.

While the number of distributed AirPods and users grow, the frequency of Tokens we buy from the Exchange grows. As a result, the value of the APOD token will automatically increase over time. This simply means that the more AirPods are installed and the more users are generated, the frequency of Token buyback from the exchange and placing them back
at a higher price, will increase the price of APOD Token.


Name: AirPod token
Symbol: APOD
Token value: $0.10
Token type: ERC-20
Token issued: 250,000,000
Available in public token sale: up to 200,000,000


Start date: TBA
End date: TBA
Token distribution date: Immediately after the crowdsale
Accepted currencies: ETH
Softcap: $2,700.000.00
Hard Cap: $20,000,000.00

Pre-sale phase

Up to 140.000.000 APOD (APOD tokens sold in Early Phase will be deducted from this number) will be assigned to this phase.
Approx. $11.3 mil. of value will be collected in this phase

Phase time frame: 29th of May 2018 – TBA

Investment: Max. Investment 300 ETH

Crowdsale phase (ICO)

All unsold APOD tokens will be assigned to this phase. Up to 200,000,000 APOD tokens will sold in this phase. Tokens
sold in Pre-sale Phase will be deducted from this phase

Phase time frame: TBA

Phase is public, open for all interested individuals (subject to KYC)

Bonuses in ICO stages


Bonus 30% of Tokens will be attributed during this phase to each contributor unit we raise $2.7 mil.

Bonus 18% of Tokens will be attributed during this phase to each contributor above soft cap, up to 140 mil. APOD tokens which is pre-sale hard cap.

Token distribution

Tokens will be distributed in the following method. The Total Cap of 250.000.000 APOD (100%) Tokens will be assigned:

Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
Founders Fund: 30.000.000 APOD (12%)
Supporters & Contractors Fund: 9.000.000 APOD (3.6%)
Bounty campaign – up to 5.000.000 (2%)
Advisers, Ambassadors – 3.000.000 APOD (1.2%)
Company reserve – liquidity pool: 1.000.000 APOD (0.4%)
AirDrop – 2.000.000 APOD (0.8%)

Allocation of funds

  • 61% Production and distribution
  • 17% Marketing
  • 15% Company operations
  • 5% DAPP Platform development
  • 2% Legal

Frequently asked questions

What currencies are accepted during crowdsale?

All participants will be able to contribute their Fiat (EUR) and ETH in exchange for
APOD Tokens during the Pre-Sale and Crowdsale phases.

What is value of 1 APOD token at the token sale?

$0.1 per one APOD token.

What country citizens are able to participate?

US, China, South Korea and Singapore citizens are not allowed to participate in ICO.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount of ETH (or corresponding FIAT currency value) I can participate with?

Maximum amount for participation in Pre-Sale is 300 ETH. There is no minimum limit in Pre-sale and Crowdsale phase. If you want to invest more ETH please send us PM on Telegram. Minimum amount for participation in FIAT is 500 EUR.

What is the Soft Cap and Hard Cap?

Soft cap is equivalent to $2,700,000 and hard cap equivalent to $20,000,000.

When will distribution of tokens take place?

Distribution will start immediately after the end of ICO.

Are you performing a KYC?

Yes, of course. We kindly ask every participant to fill out our KYC. Our legal advisers from Gresham International are performing the check up. Token buyer is asked to complete KYC before the purchase.

KYC team will review your submission and afterwards you will receive email with further instructions.

How can I participate in the AirPod Crowdsale?

You can find detailed step-by-step information about participation

When will the product be ready for use?

Q2, 2018 is when AirPod mass production infrastructure is planned to be completed. In the same quarter production will start with first 10 AirPods manufactured. In Q3, 2018 co mmercialtest of first 10 AirPods on UK Airports is scheduled. Goal for Q1, 2019 is to have 100 AirPods installed.

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