Why Join AirPod Business?

  • Rent out your micro real estate on top locations worldwide
  • Returns of around 100% per year
  • Complete transparency & no middleman involved
  • High liquidity of your funds and assets
  • Easy to manage from any location

Why join now?

  • Crowdfunding participants are entitled to double the value of Sponsorship rights
  • A limited amount of spots
  • Guaranteed participation in Sponsorship Program

How to join?

  • Fill KYC form
  • Receive an email with detail instructions
  • Send funds


Name: AirPod token
Symbol: APOD
Token value: $0.10
Token type: ERC-20
Token issued: 250,000,000
Available in public token sale: up to 200,000,000 APOD


Start date: TBA
End date: TBA
Token distribution date: Immediately after the crowdfunding
Accepted currencies: ETH, EUR
Softcap: $2,700.000.00
Hard Cap: $20,000,000.00

Pre-sale phase

Up to 140.000.000 APOD (APOD tokens sold in Early Phase will be deducted from this number) will be assigned to this phase.
Approx. $11.3 mil. of value will be collected in this phase

Phase time frame: 29th of May 2018 – TBA

Investment: Max. Investment 300 ETH

Crowdsale phase (ICO)

All unsold APOD tokens will be assigned to this phase. Up to 200,000,000 APOD tokens will sold in this phase. Tokens sold in Pre-sale Phase will be deducted from this phase

Phase time frame: TBA

Phase is public, open for all interested individuals (subject to KYC)

Bonuses in ICO stages


Bonus 30% of Tokens have been attributed to each contributor until $2.7 million was raised.

Token distribution

Tokens will be distributed in the following method. The Total Cap of 250.000.000 APOD (100%) Tokens will be assigned:

Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
Founders Fund: 30.000.000 APOD (12%)
Supporters & Contractors Fund: 9.000.000 APOD (3.6%)
Bounty campaign – up to 5.000.000 (2%)
Advisers, Ambassadors – 3.000.000 APOD (1.2%)
Company reserve – liquidity pool: 1.000.000 APOD (0.4%)
AirDrop – 2.000.000 APOD (0.8%)

Allocation of funds

  • 61% Production and distribution
  • 17% Marketing
  • 15% Company operations
  • 5% DAPP Platform development
  • 2% Legal

The future of AirPod business

Rent out world’s TOP locations

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