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Cleaning information

AIRPOD’s vision is to provide people with a private place in the hectic crowded world. AIRPOD offers an opportunity for privacy and comfort in public places where people are not used to having such options.

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A cleaner place is a safer place

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Innovative microfiber solutions

Cleaning Img 4

i-vac 5

Vacuum cleaners on a whole new level

Cleaning Img 5


Your all-in-one island for all your cleaning equipment

Cleaning Img 6

i-scrub 26H

A revolutionary light in the dark

Cleaning Img 7

i-scrub 21B

Scrubbing power and precision for tough jobs

Cleaning Img 8

i-protect APC

A solution for every task at hand

Cleaning surfaces of the AIRPOD capsule

Cleaning Img 9
  • Wiping (Wipe hard floors, dusting / i-fiber )
  • Vacuum (partly) (Partly vacuum floors (only dirty parts) / i-vac 5)
  • Vacuum (Vacuum floors (entire floor) / i-vac 5)
  • Mopping (Mopping of hard floors with use of microfibre / i-land L, i-fiber, i-protect PRO)
  • Scrub (Scrub/dry-vacuum cleaning hard floors / i-land L, i-fiber, i-scrub 21 B and i-protect PRO)
  • LED disinfection light (Philips UV purification lamp system re-circulates air in the capsule)
  • Empty paper bins (Empty paper bins)
  • Empty waste bins (Empty waste bins, chance plastic bag when necessary)
  • Remove fingerprints (Remove fingerprints from doors and window glass with i-fiber, i-scrub 26H, i-protect and remove fingerprints from tablet, tablet holder and displays with i-fiber and i-protect)
  • Clean desk (Clean working desk with i-fiber, i-scrub 26H, i-protect PRO and brush of dust from seats and bench with i-vac 5)
  • Dust other (Clean window sills, dust lowedges, hatstand/rails)
  • Sub job inventory (Clean vertical sides of desks, dusting tops of high cupboards, dust high edges and sweeping of ceiling)
  • End job inventory (Clean furniture, windowsills, doors and doorpost)

*Additional cleaning:

  • outside display, door and window glass,
  • wall, power sockets, light switches, frames of chairs, desk, lamps,
  • doors and counterglass inside the capsule
  • rubbing floor

*Additional air cleaning system is integrated into air condition. It purifies the air and eliminate 100% of unpleasant smells. Supportive LED disinfection system and supporting cleaning staff will make sure, that the AIRPOD stays clean after every user.


Interior design

AIRPOD units are designed to keep all surfaces smooth and clean forefficient cleaning.

Air-conditioning system

All AIRPODS have individually installed air-conditioning system that purifies the air with special filters and provides uncontaminated air intake

Professional air purification

The air in public places often re-circulates along with all bacteria (such as MRSA), viruses (such as SARS and COVID-19), pollen, toxic gases, etc. Philips UV purification lamp system provides a safe, reliable and sustainable solution for a healthier indoor environment with the power of light.

Sustainable cleaning products

The AIRPOD cleaning kit makes the invisible visible by scientifically proving how effective and thorough the units clean. The collected data helps us get more insights in the cleaning process, making future cleaning operations more efficient.

AIRPOD accessories

We have an antibacterial range in our mobile unit (disinfectants, antibacterial moisturizers).

There is a 24/7 hour maintenance and cleaning staff working to ensure that your stay is effortless

For further information please email us -

APOD Technologies OÜ,
Punane Tn 6-219,
Lasname Linnaosa,
Tallinn, Estonia
Letališka cesta 32,
1000 Ljubljana
Production facilities:
PE Murska Sobota
Kroška ulica 58
9000 Murska Sobota

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