Dell Inspiron 15 Review: An In-Depth Look at Its Features and Specifications

Over the last year, Dell has been hard at work tweaking their formula, but have those tweaks actually added up to anything substantial? Let’s check it out. Exterior The Inspiron 15 has a red matte finish, with great looking triangles on the front and the back. It mostly avoids an over-the-top look, like some gaming […]

GTX 1050 Review: The Hardware that Delivers Amazing Gaming Experience

As it is typical when a new line of graphics cards gets released, there is this immediate focus on high-end. With Nvidia pushing cards like the 1080 and 1070 as having unparalleled performance, while AMDs RX480 was supposed to be a ‘VR for the masses’ type product. But what about the humble gamer – someone […]

Roku Express Review – Is this Budget Friendly Streaming Stick Good Enough?

These days, if you want to take your entertainment a notch higher, you need to get yourself a media streaming stick. With a streaming media device, you can just plug it to your TV and you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and even browse the web. When it comes to the brands of […]

Astro A40 TR Review: Is this Pair Worth the High Price Tag?

Most PC gamers want their build to have the latest and greatest components that their budgets can allow them. Most PC gamers buy the fastest processors, the most powerful GPUs, and perhaps throw in some serious gaming peripherals. Not too many gamers are investing in their output peripherals, and that includes a gaming headset. If […]

Radeon RX 480 Review: Does This Mid-Range GPU Still Holds Up?

When you’re a PC gamer, one of your first priorities is to able to run games at the maximum setting possible, preferably at least 60 frames per second. This is why most PC gamers invest in a graphics card that will allow them to play the most recent games. For some people, upgrading their graphics […]

NZXT H440 Review: A Successful Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis

Regardless of how you treat your desktop computer, whether it’s a centerpiece of your home office or it’s something that you stuff under the desk, it’s important that you buy the right PC case. This is especially true if you’re a PC gamer. At the minimum, you want a chassis with the right dimensions to […]

TigerDirect Review: Buying Experience, Selection, Sales, and More

Starting up a business and need to get all the tech stuff set up? Or do you already have an established business, but the equipment is outdated and you’re in need of an appliance reboot? Looking for computers and computer parts can be a drag — you want to not only make sure that you […]

Varidesk Office Products for A Modern Workspace

Headquartered in Texas, Varidesk has been designing and producing office furniture that has reimagined the modern office. Varidesk promotes movement, is flexible and adaptable, and is easy to implement in any work environment. From accessories to complete office furniture solutions, Varidesk has remained true to its core mission to create healthy work environments. The Cost […]

Logitech G430 – Completing and Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Gamers love good sound. Gamers need good sound. To get the most out of your gaming experience, you will need a headphone set that allows you to hear the enemy before the enemy hears you. The Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Gaming Headset offers the level of comfort and life-like sound that even the most discerning […]

GTX 1080 Review: Improving Your Gaming Experience for the Better

Nvidia is among the world’s leading manufacturers of graphics cards. The company has been releasing different models of the cards since it was founded in 1993. It is also known for making graphics processing units (GPU), central processing units (CPU), chipsets and video game consoles. Its GPUs bear the name GeForce. This review focuses on […]

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