"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A new state of the art ICO project calls for Ambassadors

Revolutionary AirPod Sleeping Pod is making your dreams of having a private and comfy place during your travels a new reality. From now on, every public place can be as comfortable as your bedroom, cozy as your living room sofa, while at the same time giving you an opportunity to work or shop online as from within your own office. Relax and enjoy during your travels, shopping experiences or site seeing around the world – relax in your own private place.

Help us spread word and receive our APOD tokens

If you want a share of this transforming travel and napping industry business, then join us in our success story. With your help, we will be able to put our revolutionary product all across the world.

Up to 4.500.000 APOD tokens in value of $450.000 will be distributed through this bounty campaign.


1 APOD ICO price = $0.10

There are several different campaigns for you to choose from and start receiving your piece of the pie.
Campaign duration: March 2018 – April 2018 (expected bounty end date).

During this campaign, sheets will be posted/refreshed with an evaluation of your achievements weekly.