7 Best Polaroid Tablet

Polaroid is a well-reputed brand known for producing cameras. The company also produces tablets that are excellent options for reading books, working, or gaming. Anyone looking to purchase a tablet may be surprised and impressed with the range of tablets and specific functionalities offered by Polaroid. This guide was developed to organize and compare different Polaroid tablets to help you as a consumer select the tablet that best suits your needs.

It is a good idea to perform a bit of background research on a product before making an in-person purchase. Reading an article about product features in the comfort of your own home or office allows you to evaluate the product from a distance. This is as opposed to risking an in-person experience where you may be overwhelmed and drawn in by bells and whistles and losing track of primary functionality. Proper preparation before the purchase of a tablet increases the overall efficiency of the process as well as the overall customer satisfaction with the product, whether it is a gift for a friend or for oneself.

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7 Best Polaroid Tablet Reviews

Extrapolating key features about each tablet model means reading tablet specifications alongside customer reviews. When developing the ultimate tablet guide, we evaluated criticisms and comments about Polaroid tablets alongside device descriptions published by the manufacturer and other retail parties.

Additionally, we read about the top devices offered by other brands to increase the overall perspective of the place Polaroid tablets hold in the tablet market. Performing this research helped us remain loyal to the goal of developing an honest and reliable guide that helps future potential customers evaluate which tablet best suits their needs. Each product is described with pros and cons, key features, and pricing.

Polaroid tablets are usually available for a price between fifty to a hundred dollars. This makes them a fairly economical option on the tablet market, where Apple and Samsung tablets may run for over a hundred. Other brands that offer a comparable price range and functionality to Polaroid include Amazon Fire and Asus. The price of the tablet may depend on screen size, pixel quality, and storage capabilities. All tablets use Android-based operating systems.

1. Polaroid PMID1000B Android 4.1

Polaroid PMID1000B Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 10.1' Tablet With Wi-Fi & HDMI
  • Polaroid PMID1000B Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 10.1″ Tablet With Wi-Fi
  • 10.1″ Capacitive, Multi-Touch Display With Front Camera
  • Wirelessly Download Apps, Games, And eBooks
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean With ARM 1ghz Cortex A8 Processor

This tablet has a 9-inch screen size and a more modern Android operating system known as Android 5.1 Lollipop. Users can access books and music through Google Play. The device is a quad-core processor, which means there are four separate processors working to execute functions effectively. There are rear and front cameras, along with the capability to connect to Wi-Fi. The screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels, and 8 GB of internal storage is easily increased with the addition of up to 64 GB with a micro SD card.

Overall, this tablet is considered a decent option for playing games and streaming videos. Pros include the up-to-date operating systems and a quad-core processor, similar to the M11HMGT, as other tablets are slower dual-core processors. The main con identified by reviewers is low photo quality and average screen display quality.

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2. Polaroid P700BK Android Tablet

  • Polaroid S7BK S7 7-Inch Dual Camera Internet Tablet
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Bluetooth enabled

Like the previously described tablets, this option also utilizes the Android Lollipop operating system and Google Play Store applications. It has a smaller 7-inch screen display size. However, the smaller size also provides a screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels like the 9-inch model. This device has a three-hour battery life and can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Customers appreciate the low price but also recognize that the price correlates with a lower quality as compared to other, more expensive tablet options.

One of the top complaints is the device overheating. An additional con is the short battery life. Convenient size and low price with a modern operating system place this tablet as an above-average Polaroid tablet option. Overall, it is a good option for anyone who wants a tablet for occasional, short-term purposes such as video-chatting friends or reading books. It is not ideal for heavy, long-term video streaming and game playing.

3. Polaroid S7RD Internet Tablet

Polaroid 7 Inch Android 4.0 WiFi Internet Tablet with Touch Screen - PTAB7XC
  • Polaroid S7BK S7 7-Inch Dual Camera Internet Tablet
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Bluetooth enabled

This tablet has a lower internal memory of 4 GB and features a dual instead of a quad-core processor. This specification indicates the tablet is a more basic device option, suitable for occasional video streaming and games but not long workdays in the office. The operating system is Android 4.2, and device applications stem from the Google Play Store. The camera quality is low, with a 0.3MP front camera and 2.0 rear camera. Other options, such as the A6, are thus better for higher-quality video chatting.

Many reviewers find the tablet to be rather simple as compared to the more complex options available on the market today. For example, the first tablet reviewed in this guide is a quad instead of a dual-core processor and has much more storage and higher camera quality. However, other reviewers appreciate the simplicity of this tablet and regard it as a good option for people who are not as familiar with computers and working with a touch screen.

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4. Polaroid PMID4312 4.3″ Android

Polaroid PMID4312 4.3' Android Jelly Bean Tablet With Front Camera And Wi-Fi
  • Polaroid PMID4312 4.3″ Android Jelly Bean Tablet With Front Camera And…
  • 4.3″ Capacitive, Multi-Touch Display With Front Camera And Wi-Fi
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Store And Play Music, Videos, And Pictures
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer, Built-in Speaker, Expendable Memory Option

A square instead of rectangular shape is the first feature that stands out about this tablet. It also uses Android 4.2 and Google Play Store and offers a higher 1024×768 pixel resolution than some other Polaroid options. There is 4 GB of internal memory that can be expanded with a micro SD card. This tablet also has a longer, 10-hour battery life. It is a solid option for anyone looking to stream apps such as the book-reading application Nook.

The high battery life is a strong pro for this tablet. This means it can be used on family road trips or go multiple days without constant charging. Negative customer reviews comment on low storage space and occasional glitches, which can both be improved with external storage and software updates. In general, customers think this is a decent tablet when considering its low price.

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5. Polaroid P709BK Android Tablet

Polaroid Tablet Android 6, 7', Black (P709BK)
  • Polaroid Tablet Android 6, 7″, Black (P709BK)
  • 7.0″ HD Display (1024 x 600)
  • Android 6.0, marshmallow
  • Quad-core Processor

One of the most basic Polaroid tablet models, the A6 has a small 7-inch screen size and limited 8 GB internal storage. Similar to the P9700BK, this storage can be increased with a micro-SD card. The device uses Android 6.0 instead of Android Lollipop. The screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels is comparable to the resolution of the other models. It is a straightforward tablet option that is suitable for basic functions. However, many of the other models outcompete this device.

Like the S7, the simplicity of this tablet can be viewed as a pro for people who are looking for a tablet without all the bells and whistles attached. It achieves basic functionality and can be used for reading books or streaming videos. Overall, reviewers think the capabilities of the tablet match its low price, making it an economical option for anyone who wants to experience basic tablet functionality.

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6. Polaroid 9″ Quad Core Tablet Android 6.0

Polaroid 9” Quad Core Tablet Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google Play, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, Front Camera, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled
  • Polaroid 9” Quad Core Tablet Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google Play,…
  • Powerful Quad-Core Processor coupled with 8 GB of storage to allow you to run a large number of simultaneous apps
  • Comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system pre-installed making it ready to use the minute you open the box
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make it easy to connect to your existing network, sync with hardware such as speakers or…

This tablet is similar to the S7 with a 7-inch screen and 4 GB storage. However, the operating system, Android 4.0, is a bit older. This is one of the lower-priced tablets, which correlates to an older operating system and shorter battery life of three hours. It can connect to Wi-Fi, which allows users to stream various games and download books.

The tablet was well-reviewed when it was first released because of its impressive touchscreen connectivity and convenient size. More recent tablet developments by Polaroid with more storage and modern Android systems outcompete this option. However, it is an economical option for anyone looking for a simple touch screen device for reading books or letting younger children play games.

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7. Polaroid M11HMGT Android Tablet

  • Polaroid PTAB735 7″ Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet With Google Play,…
  • Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet, 7-inch display
  • 4Gb internal memory and Micro SD External memory
  • Dual camera built-in, as well as speakers

This tablet is one of the top options offered by Polaroid. A larger screen size makes reading books or watching movies more enjoyable. The high level of internal storage is 32 GB and this can be further increased with a micro SD card. Cameras offer average quality, with the front camera at 2MP and the rear camera at 5MP. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity along with the option of a keyboard make this a potential option for people who need a convenient device for working on the go. It is especially good if users are familiar with Android operating systems and accessing applications through the Google Play Store.

The main pro of this tablet is its large size and internal storage capacity. Additionally, quad-core processing results in higher functioning speeds. It is one of the largest tablets offered by Polaroid. Google Play and an Android operating system may be considered a con by customers who are not familiar with the arrangement. However, they are both user-friendly and fairly easy to pick up. Overall, as one of the higher-priced Polaroid tablets, this tablet is also one of the best-performing options.

Best Polaroid Tablet – FAQs

Best Polaroid Tablet

What is a Tablet?

These electronic devices combine the convenience of a cell phone with the functionality of a laptop. They are usually smaller than your average computer and incorporate touch-screen technology that makes it easy to navigate various applications.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Tablet?

The features you are looking for depend strongly on the main function of the tablet. However, no matter the function, many people would agree that battery life, screen size, and storage space are three important factors that influence a purchase.

Polaroid and other companies offer a range of device cases and power supply options. Make sure the case is designed to fit your particular model before making a purchase. Also, some tablets are capable of connecting to a keyboard, thus increasing device functionality even further.

Where Can I Buy a Polaroid Tablet?

You can purchase a tablet directly through the Polaroid website or through other internet retailers such as Amazon. Some local electronics stores may have these tablets on display where you can experience your selection in person before making a final decision.

The Verdict

After researching various Polaroid tablet options and considering both specifications and customer reviews, we decided that Polaroid tablets are economical options for people who want basic tablet functionality at a low price. Most tablets have low internal storage and lackluster camera quality. However, Polaroid does a nice job keeping newer tablets up-to-date with the most modern Android operating systems.

In general, a customer shopping for a tablet should consider when and how the tablet will be used. Is it a gift for a grandparent or child, or will it be used on the daily train commute to work? All the tablets are good options for basic gaming and e-book reading, but discretion should be used when selecting a model ideal for higher-quality games and video streaming.

Our top Polaroid tablet is the Polaroid P902BKAndroid Tablet. It is less expensive than the M11HMGT, but still has more internal storage than three other models and utilizes Android 5.1 Lollipop instead of older operating systems such as Android 4.0. We also like the readability and convenience of the 9-inch size.

Whether you are shopping for a gift or for yourself, a tablet is an exciting tool to purchase. The device opens a whole world of lightweight electronic accessibility, as it can be used almost anytime, anywhere. Some of the basic tablets especially are good options for family members just beginning to transition into the world of touch-screen technology. When selecting a tablet, remember who will be using it and for what reason. This will help you navigate the wide range of options and select the best fit for your situation.

7 Best Polaroid Tablet

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