10 Of The Best 12v Battery Isolators Reviews 2022

10 Of The Best 12v Battery Isolators Reviews 2022
Finding the best 12v battery isolators is never easy. There are so many different types of 12v battery isolators available today. Just to make things worse, manufacturers seem to release a new type every year. So it seems impossible to figure out which 12v battery isolators will work best for you. This is why I decided to put together a list of the ten best 12v battery isolators currently available.

This is the definitive guide if you are thinking about buying 12v battery isolators. We’ve compared 12v battery isolators to every other product on the market and looked at expert reviews to find the best product for your needs.

Top 10 12v battery isolators : Editor’s Recommendations

Top 10 Best 12v battery isolators Reviews in 2022

How we pick the best 12v battery isolators

Our team has researched various [replace_keywords] over the years. We conduct multiple and repeated performance analyses on each model to rate quality, material, price, and more. We put each product through more than 15 individual tests during our analysis. Furthermore, we researched customer feedback to determine which 12v battery isolators had the best potential based on our experience with these products. We take into account several rating metrics when analyzing 12v battery isolators, these ware:

  • Overall Performance
  • Product Quality
  • Build Materials
  • Features
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Value for Money
  • Affordability
  • Functionality
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty Policy
  • Customer Support, and more.

1. Stinger SGP32 200 AMP Battery Relay Isolator and Relay

Features :

  • 200 AMP Battery Isolator and Relay
  • Prevents primary battery discharge
  • Maximum current transfer
  • Extends battery life
  • Universal 12V Applications

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5.9
Width 2.7
Length 7.9
Weight 1.4

2. 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator, Ampper Battery Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) Smart Battery Isolator for Car, Vehicle, RV, ATV, UTV and Boat

Features :

  • Purpose: this voltage sensitive relay is design for two battery systems (SUITABLE for Acid-Lead batteries, NOT SUITABLE for Lithium batteries), allow to having two separate power sources while charging by one alternator, it’s all need to charge and isolate two battery systems.
  • Primary Battery Protected: cuts in at 13.3 volts and cuts out at 12.8 volts. Ensure your primary battery is always charged and ready to start your engine, the secondary will be charged after the primary battery’s volts exceed 13.3 volts.
  • Heavy Duty: this voltage sensitive relay is heavy built to suitable for almost anywhere even off-road, which is water resistant, shock resistant, dust proof and withstand unexpected extreme weather environments.
  • Compatible: used for DC 12 V two battery systems isolate and charge, universal used for car, vehicle, RV, ATV, UTV and boat, also two battery electrical equipment.
  • Easy to use: this VSR comes with mounting plate and 4 bolts for install. 100% SATISFACTION: no reason for return or change.

Additional Info :

Color 12V 140Amp
Item Dimensions
Height 2.6
Width 3.74
Length 2.76
Weight 8

3. MaySpare 12V 140Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay VSR Double Battery Automatic Charging Relay Dual Smart Battery Isolator

Features :

  • 12V, 140A, 13.3V cut-in voltage, 12.8V cut-out voltage,; Package Include All the Bits and Pieces Needed for a Complete Installation
  • Working Voltage: Having Voltage Sensitive Chip,Rely Cuts in at 13.3 Volts and Cuts out at 12.8 Volts to Ensuring Primary Battery is Always Ready for Vehicle to Run.
  • Fuction:Like Having Two Separate Power Sources,The Dual Battery Isolator Kit Enables Your Accessories to Run From a Separate Battery While the engine is not running on your vehicle While keeping your Main Battery Charged and Your Vehicle Always Ready to Go and Start When You Want It.
  • Compatibility: This battery isolators are small and suitable for almost anywhere, for ATV, UTV, Boats, RV’s,marine vehicle, truck, caravan
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY :100% High Quality and Enjoy Full Life Warranty, Free Exchange

Additional Info :

4. Ampper Battery Switch, 12-48 V Battery Power Cut Master Switch Disconnect Isolator for Car, Vehicle, RV and Boat (On/Off)

Features :

  • Heavy Duty: ABS plastic housing, durable made for safety use, rear cover insulates terminals against any short of circuits, equiped with 4 sets of bolts.
  • Operation: On/Off 2 positions, 275 A continuous at DC 12V, 455 A intermittent at DC 12V, 1250 A momentary at DC 12V.
  • Compatible: used for DC 12 – 48 V systems to isolate and secure the electrical system, can stand alone or be locked together with other switch.
  • Purpose: eliminate any power draw from the battery when vehicle or boat is not in use, disconnects the battery safely.
  • Copper terminal stud size: 3/8″ (10 mm) x 2, very easy to install, universal used for car, vehicle, Rv and boat, also electrical equipment’s switch.

Additional Info :

Color On-Off
Item Dimensions
Height 2.95
Width 3.74
Length 2.76
Weight 10

5. Stinger SGP38 80-AMP Battery Isolator and Relay,BLACK

Features :

  • 80 AMP Battery Isolator and Relay
  • Prevents primary battery discharge.80A constant 150A peak
  • Maximum current transfer
  • Extends battery life
  • Universal 12V Applications

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.4
Width 5.8
Length 8.5

6. Stinger SGP35 500-AMP Relay and Isolator , Black

Features :

  • 500 AMP High Current Relay/Isolator
  • Prevents primary battery discharge
  • Power on demand
  • Extends battery life
  • Universal 12 volt applications

Additional Info :

Color Multicoloured
Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 2
Length 7.5
Weight 1.65

7. 500 Amp Battery Isolator for Mobile Audio Relay Continuous Battery Isolator, 12v Battery Disconnect Relay 500A Relay and Isolator

Features :

  • 500 AMP BATTERY ISOLATOR – Perfect for any application with multiple batteries that need to be isolated including Marine, Mobile Audio, Off-Road, Power Sports, etc. | battery disconnect relay is used to isolate the second battery which powers audio, visual navigation, or other equipment.
  • POWERFUL FUNCTION – 12v battery isolator can continuously power handling 500 amps at 12V and handling of 700 amps at surge power | Doesn’t create a voltage drop to your second battery unlike common isolators do. battery isolator 500 amp with a maximum current transfer, power on demand.
  • ELIMINATES BATTERY DRAIN – Normally, when two car batteries are connected in parallel, they are easy to charge and discharge each other | The relay battery isolator stops the battery bank from getting power from each one, eliminating that negative effect | Reducing the natural consumption of batteries after power off, lengthens the life of the primary battery.
  • FEATURE- Battery isolator solenoid is made of high-quality materials, excellent performance, and durability. Easy to install and start up immediately.
  • ONE YEAR SERVICE – The Mobile Audio Continuous Relay comes with 1 Year Warranty | Any problem please feel free to contact us for a replacement.

Additional Info :

8. KeyLine Chargers 12V 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) Pro Dual Battery Kit

Features :

  • ZERO VOLTAGE DROP: Forget the traditional diode relays and so-called “solid state” devices that can rob you of almost 2 amps of output power! The KeyLine Dual Battery Isolator is the only unit designed with cutting edge programming to deliver optimum performance – with ZERO sacrifice. This compact battery isolator was built ultra-small (2.6″ x 2.6″ x 2″) to fit almost anywhere! A perfect fit under the hood to get close to your dual batteries.
  • VOLTAGE SENSITIVE RELAY: The KeyLine Automatic 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is all you need to charge Two Battery Systems. Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) cuts in at 13.3 volts and cuts out at 12.8 volts to ensure your primary battery is always charged and ready to start your vehicle. It’s like having two separate power sources for each battery while only having one alternator!
  • RUGGED DURABILITY: Unlike other isolators on the market, the KeyLine Automatic 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is IP65 Certified. This International Protection rating means that your KeyLine isolator is safe for use even for your off-road needs in dusty, wet and unexpected extreme weather environments. Great for extreme vibration applications as well.
  • WHAT YOU GET: (1) 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR); (1) 20 ft red battery cable; (1) 2ft black ground battery cable; (2) positive brass marine type battery terminals; (1) negative brass marine type battery terminal; tinned copper lugs & heat shrink; cable ties; easy-to-follow instructions. Easy-to-follow directions for the most novice DIYer. Power wire in, power wire out. What could be easier?
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Every 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is backed by an industry leading 12-month warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply take advantage of the No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2.6
Length 2.6
Weight 0.5

9. Spartan Power Smart Dual Battery Isolator 12V 140A Voltage Sensitive Relay VSR for Vans, Trucks, RV’s, Motorhomes, ATV, UTV, Boats, Off Road Vehicles

Features :

  • NOW ON AMAZON – EASY TO INSTALL: Designed for dual battery systems or second battery bank in your van, truck, RV, UTV, off-road vehicles, marine boats, etc.
  • VSR – VOLTAGE SENSITIVE RELAY: Automatic 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator enables you to charge two battery systems from one alternator at the same time. A Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) cuts in at 13.3 volts and cuts out at 12.8 volts.
  • VANLIFE? Now you can safely add additional batteries to help support your accessories such as power inverters, MPPT charge controllers, solar panels, refrigerators, audio, lights, pumps, winches, etc.
  • IP65 Protected: IP65 enclosure offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material. Waterproof protection up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Every Spartan Power 12V 140 Amp Dual Battery Isolator is backed by a 3 year warranty. Have a question? We are an American company located in Reno, Nevada. Our expert technicians will be glad to answer any question that you may have!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2.75
Length 2.75

10. 12V 140Amp Smart Waterproof Dual Battery Isolator Fits ATV UTV 4WD RZR RV Car Watercraft Marine Boat Truck Caravan Camping(R12140B-T)

Features :

  • ✔ 【5 Year Warranty】Every battery isolator is 100% tested and inspected prior to shipment. We stand behind our products and strive to provide the optimal customer experience.
  • ✔ Efficiency Charging: AOPEC battery isolator can distribute the charger or alternator current effectively between two batteries.AOPEC battery isolator connects both batteries during charging and keeps them isolated when discharging.
  • ✔ Primary Battery Priority Charging: Prevents primary battery discharge, lengthens the life of the primary battery when your vehicle engine is off. This significantly reduces the risk of a flat starter battery for example.
  • ✔ IP65 Weatherproof: Outer plastic-housing and a silicone sealed internallayer, protects your isolator from water,dust,dirt,sand damage.
  • ✔ Safety Protection: The protective design of this battery isolator sustains surge protection,over voltage protection and over current protection.

Additional Info :

Color off-white

The Ultimate Buying Guide of 12v battery isolators

If you are shopping for a 12v battery isolators, check out this guide to decide what to buy. This ultimate buying guide for 12v battery isolators covers the basics of choosing a product. In simple language, concise and organized in an easy-to-follow format, here are some basic instructions anyone can use as a guide to sound decision-making.

  • Choose a product that is made of high-quality materials. This will ensure that it lasts for years and doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • Find a product that is easy to use and doesn’t require special training or skills.
  • Look for a product that is affordable and fits within your budget.
  • Select a product that has good customer reviews and testimonials. This will give you an idea of how well it works in real-life situations.
  • Look for a product that comes with a warranty or guarantee. This will give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with it.
  • Select a product that has a reputation for reliability.
  • Choose a durable product to withstand the elements and last for years.

How much do I want to spend?

You first need to decide how much money you want to spend on your new 12v battery isolators. You don’t want to go over budget, but it’s also important that you don’t buy something that won’t meet your needs. If you’re only going to use it once in a while or if there aren’t any existing features that will benefit from an upgrade, then it might not be worth spending more on an expensive option. If you’re going to use the 12v battery isolators a lot, it’s worth spending a big budget on something that will last longer and work better.

What features do I need?

You should also consider the features that are important to you. If you’re unsure which features matter most, check out the product guide on what makes a good 12v battery isolators. With so many features, it can be hard to know which are important and which aren’t. Some features are more important than others, so you should consider how often you’ll use each one before buying anything. If you only want to upgrade because of a single feature that’s not very useful to you, then don’t waste your money. Instead, look for a product with everything else but that one thing.

Do I want a standard or premium model?

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want a standard or premium version of the 12v battery isolators. There are many different products on the market, but they can be generally divided into standard and premium. Standard models tend to be cheaper, while premium versions offer more features at higher prices. The difference between the two types is often in the materials’ quality and how many features they offer. Standard models will generally have fewer features than premium versions, but this may not be an issue if all you want is a basic model.

Is it worth the price tag?

Before you buy 12v battery isolators, you must ask yourself: “Is it worth the price?” If you’re spending money on 12v battery isolators, it must be worth it. You should never spend money on something that won’t be useful or that you won’t use. If you’re not sure, wait. You may find a better deal later or decide you don’t need it. If you decide it’s worth the price, buy it! You’ll be happy that you did.

How do I know if 12v battery isolators is right for me?

When looking for a 12v battery isolators, it’s important to think about what you want to get out of it. The best way to do this is to list all the important features for you and then compare the different products on the market. If one feature is most important to you, ensure that the 12v battery isolators has that feature. If not, it’s not right for you. To find the perfect product that meets your needs, it’s important to do some research. You can start by reading reviews on sites like Amazon and comparing prices at different stores. If you’re still unsure which product is right for you, ask a friend or family member who owns one!

What is the best brand and model to buy?

There are many brands of 12v battery isolators, but not all of them are worth your money or time. The best brand is the one that will give you the most value for your money. When choosing a brand, look at its reputation and reviews from other users like yourself. It’s also important to know what features come with every model and what extra extras you have to pay extra for later down the road. This way, you can make an informed decision about what type of 12v battery isolators suits your needs best before making a purchase decision.


10 Of The Best 12v Battery Isolators Reviews 2022

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