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Reach and activate people in the AIRPOD into real customers

Our solutions deliver results at every point of the customer journey on the airport. Connect with new users and convert them into customers.

  • reach
  • inspire
  • convert
  • engage

Get engaged users from the start. On the one side, we are solving the biggest problem that the airports have with its passengers while waiting in transit, on the other side, we are looking forward to making the user experience as adjusted as can possibly be in such an environment. As people spend more and more time outside their homes and offices, we are here to offer a relaxing experience.

In addition to highly designed exterior and interior of the AIRPOD, we can offer advertising outside and inside the capsule. It creates a fully immersive and even more effective brand awareness.

Most important for brands besides customization of exterior and interior is the adjustable platform which allows the audience to connect through visuals and to interact with the brand’s product.

For an individualistic approach in AIRPOD making, please contact your local AIRPOD representative. Examples and rendering will be done by AIRPOD’s design team before the chosen design is put into production.

For more enquiries please contact us -

APOD Technologies OÜ,
Punane Tn 6-219,
Lasname Linnaosa,
Tallinn, Estonia
Letališka cesta 32,
1000 Ljubljana
Production facilities:
PE Murska Sobota
Kroška ulica 58
9000 Murska Sobota

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