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Receive lifetime passive income without any additional effort, time and costs

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The future of Micro Real Estate Business

  • AirPod is launching the first actual micro real estate business without any maintenance costs and additional efforts.

  • As an AirPod supporter, you get an opportunity to become a Sponsor of AirPod unit and start renting out revitalisation pods.

  • They will be placed in busiest locations worldwide, starting with airports.

  • As a Sponsor, you are entitled to passive income, generated by the chosen AirPod unit.


Your benefits as a Sponsor


Lifetime passive income

As a Sponsor, you will receive monthly passive income for the indefinite amount of time.

  • Returns of around 100% per year
  • Higher monthly returns than with most stocks, bonds, precious metals, investment funds, insurance products …
  • Higher than most returns in real estate or business
  • Easily converted into your desired currency on a monthly basis
  • Instant liquidity

Easy to manage

AirPod business is easy to join and manage. By becoming a Sponsor of AirPod unit, you are collecting benefits with no maintenance costs or additional effort while still retaining high liquidity.

  • Easy to join a unique business
  • Complete overview anytime
  • No bureaucracy
  • High liquid assets
  • No long-term commitment


Complete transparency

You will have a live overview of your AirPod unit’s performance, revenue, and profits through the blockchain.

  • Live overview of the unit’s performance
  • Option to pick any top location with a click of a button
  • No hidden costs
  • Transparent contract
  • No middleman and additional commissions


Affordable to everyone

You can join AirPod’s micro real estate business even with a small contribution. There are no additional or hidden costs.

  • Low entry point
  • No additional costs
  • No legal costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Manage your Micro real estate from home

A new way of investing in the real estate

We believe investing in the real estate industry is one of the most secure ways to make a profit, there can be a lot of challenges.

There is a significant investment to enter, and finding a perfect location, combined with bureaucracy, maintenance costs, a time-consuming process, and additional effort can often be an issue too.

AirPod, however, offers an entirely new business model, which you can enter even with a small contribution. By buying APOD tokens, a spot in the Sponsorship program will be reserved for you.

When the Sponsorship program begins, you will be able to pick your AirPod unit and exchange your APOD tokens for the sponsorship rights of your desired AirPod unit.

As a Sponsor, you will start receiving monthly returns based on that unit’s performance, in APOD tokens with no additional effort, which you can easily convert into the desired currency.

We will take care of business for you.

Why join now?

• Crowdfunding participants are entitled to double the value of Sponsorship rights.
• They will get guaranteed participation in the Sponsorship Program.
• Crowdfunding participants will be whitelisted for Sponsorship Program, meaning first come, first served.

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4 elements of AirPod’s success


Unique business model

AirPod has its own internal economy, based on APOD token. This enables our economy to be completely autonomous and prone to outside market conditions and crises. The unique business model will allow the rapid global expansion of AirPod units all around the world. Business-minded people will have an opportunity to collect lifetime passive income from renting out top locations worldwide.

Revolutionary Product

AirPod will be the world’s first smart multifunctional revitalisation pod. With smart technology integrated, it will follow your well-being and your choices and will always adapt itself for your future use. Along with the advantage of the micro real estate, units will be highly mobile – they can be placed where their users are. It will be designed for people who are seeking a private place to recharge, revitalise, take a nap, maintain their well-being, relieve stress or get their work done.


Market with high potential

AirPod is entering markets worth more than USD 500 million. AirPod units will be placed in the busiest public spaces, such as airports, corporate offices, venues, hospitals, bus and train stations, city centres, shopping malls and many more as it can follow its users.

With global distribution partners already in place, our market entry is guaranteed. The first 1,000 AirPod units will be placed in airports worldwide in 2019 and serve millions of clients eagerly waiting to use them. But this is only the beginning – the markets we are entering have almost limitless potential.


Use of Blockchain

Use of blockchain is the key to the success of the AirPod business. The advantages of distributed ledger technology will enable the avoidance of bureaucracy costs, cross-border payment problems and make the whole business completely transparent.

With the implementation of the blockchain, we can reward all AirPod business supporters with lifetime benefits.

Why take part in AirPod Business?

  • Macro returns from renting the world's first micro real estate in top locations worldwide

  • No additional costs, effort and time

  • Effortless business from home office

  • Lifetime passive income


AirPod Business is best for:

• Investors in cryptocurrencies or ICOs, investors in crypto mining • Investors in real estate
• Anyone, who is looking for long-term passive income • Investors in stocks, bonds, investment funds and other
• Anyone, who has spare money to invest (minimum 500€/$600) • Business minded people

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