Why contribute to AirPod ICO?

Increasing Token Value

As the number of installed AirPods is increasing and more users are generated, the frequency of Token buyback from the exchange and placing them back at a higher price will increase the price of APOD Token – first phase.

Profit-Share Relationship

As an ICO contributor, you can enter into a Profit-Share relationship by converting APOD tokens to a “Sponsorship Program” through DApp platform in the second phase.

Introducing the Future of the Travel and Napping Industries


The major pain of all travelers is stressful waiting for connection flights with few or no private places to relax, nap or work.


AirPod, an innovative, cutting-edge sleeping pod capsule unlike any other product currently available on the Global market.

Market Potential

Abu Dhabi International Airport: around 62 % of passengers are in transit, average time
– more than 10 hours (source: The Global Airport Sleeping Pods Market)

airports globally

of those 724 International Airports.
AIRPOD target market 284 airports with 5 – 100 mil. passengers.


(sample 10,000 international travelers)

  • 36% of respondents wanted to see sleeping pods at airports.


(sample 4,762 participants) Majority of passengers would pay for sleeping pods to nap comfortably and in private

  • 54.89% would pay
  • 37.84% would pay depending on the airport and cost
  • 7.27% would not pay for sleeping pods

Key features & Market advantages

Innovative product

An innovative product with free access to Amazon Fire TV, Free high speed Wi-Fi, working desk, Luggage storage, Air condition, high-quality seat that can be easily transformed into bed and a world’s first Anti-stress technology.

Company Revenue

Income of more than $30 million per year from international airports only.

Blockchain technology

World’s first implementation of Blockchain Technology to such business model.

Global distributor

We are proud that our partner has recognized AirPod’s potential, which opened up an extensive distribution chain in over 1,000 airports around the world.

Partnership program

Partnership program will enable everyone to become part of Uber like, but much more profitable Business model.

Why Blockchain?

We see the potential of blockchain use wider than what is thought of it currently. Our belief is that evolution of industry will exceed the boundaries in a similar way as the use of internet did. 

We use blockchain and tokens to simplify our business model processes. A profit-share relationship in the 2nd phase of our project development is enabling our contributors to be part of the most stable and high earning crypto businesses until this date. Further, in the 3rd stage, we are introducing a “Partnership Program” that will enable everyone to become part of Uber-like, but much more profitable Business model – people will be able to suggest any place in their domain as a potential AirPod placement area and start earning money with a peace of mind.

To make all of this work and operate on a global scale we need a Fast, Automated, Transparent and Low-cost solution. We believe Blockchain Technology is the answer to this challenge.

Conventional Way

 Preparation and coordination of legal opinions and contracts enforcement (the relationship between participants)
 Signing agreements
 Sales (further on: Trade) “rights” on profits made by Airpod unit (automated processes)
 Transparency – tracking and permissions
 Cross-border Payments


 Smart Contract and token solves all of the mentioned problems

Why AirPod Project?

Distribution Partner

Revenue stream Token

Profit sharing Relation in 2nd, 3rd Stage

Real Product

10.000+ possible AirPod Locations Worldwide

Backed by Real Business Economy operating on Blockchain

Self-Expanding Business Economy supported by Crypto Infrastructure

Working prototype

How people see our ICO and product

Projected annual Token Payouts through Sponsorship Program

The above model shows the assumed return using an annual projected token profit payout (accumulated) based on the transition to 2nd phase (Sponsorship Program) where APOD token holders can exchange tokens for the right to participate in profits generated by an AirPod unit. The calculation is based on projected AirPod occupancy simulation: 6h x 18 USD x 365 days on a specific percentage reinvestment strategy. It includes the overhead on company operational cost, revenue-share deal with business partners, and other costs. Actual results can be higher or lower. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be regarded as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token profits will be cashed out on a monthly basis.

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