Projected annual Token Rewards through Sponsorship Program

Projected annual token rewards:

Year 1 $10,183.77
Year 2 $14,088.17
Year 3 $18,043.16
Year 4 $23,108.45
Year 5 $29,595.71
Total rewards: $95,019.26
The above model shows the assumed rewards using an annual projected token returns (accumulated) based on the transition to 2nd phase (Sponsorship Program) where APOD token holders can exchange tokens for the right to participate in rewards generated by an AirPod unit. The calculation is based on projected AirPod occupancy simulation: 6h x $18 x 365 days on a specific percentage recontribution strategy. It includes the overhead on company operational cost, revenue-share deal with business partners, and other costs. Actual results can be higher or lower. The model is a sample calculation. The model should not be regarded as information for an investment in tokens or as an offer of or a solicitation to buy tokens. Token rewards will be transfered on a monthly basis.

How is it possible?

• Renting out micro real estates is the core of our business model. Our outstanding product placed on the busiest public places, entering a fast growing market, will be generating revenue from user’s rent payment.

• Decentralized ledger technology (blockchain), implemented in the business model, will decrease the costs and guarantee complete transparency. Introduction of Smart Contract will eliminate middleman’s commissions, legal and other additional costs.

• With providing high revenues and lowering the costs, ROI about 100% per year is possible.

How does AirPod Business model work?

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